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10,000 Stackers sold and rising

January 3, 2008


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LAI Games, creators of Redemption and other skill-based coin-op titles has announced that they have manufactured their 10,000th Stacker Instant Redemption game. Instant redemption refers to a redemption title that doesn’t dispense tickets and instead offers a simple but difficult skill based game that players must do well at to earn the big prizes. In hitting 10,000 units the company has demonstrated not on the popularity of the title but the longetivity of the game in the market place as the game was released back in 2005 and has continued to grow in popularity since. Of course in the game console world they would scoff at “only 10,000 units moved” but that is quite impressive for the coin-op industry. With fewer buyers and far higher prices than a console title, 10,000 is  quite good.

With their press release LAI Games also mentions that they are none to happy with the many Chinese knock-offs of Stacker beginning to flood the market and will be taking legal action against any company that has infringed on their rights to the game. See kids, knock offs don’t pay.

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Wii Pleasure and Pain

April 3, 2007

A. Winning a Wii on Stacker 

B. Getting screwed when winnng a Wii on Stacker

The Wii is still one of the most in demand consumer products at the moment and incredibly hard to find. So if you were to win one from a prize machine, in this case a Stacker, it would make you extremely ecstatic (see case study A), I apologise for the foul language. Now take a look a case study B, imagine all those excited feeling knowing you’ve just won a Nintendo Wii only to see it drop and get stuck on the prize chute, add to that the fact that the mall’s staff don’t believe that you won it and refuse to do anything about it.