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Black Spiderman pinball machine released

December 13, 2007

Stern Pinball issued a press release yesterday stating that the Black Spiderman pinball machine (that we first reported about in October) is now available in limited quantities. When they say limited, they really mean it – only 500 of these are being made. It’s the same game as other Spiderman pins – just with a different set of artwork related to the black suit Spidey seen in Spiderman 3. If you’re interested in reading the press release, hit the post break.

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Coin-op coverage coming to Good Morning America thanks to AAMA

December 8, 2007



At Arcade Heroes we are always happy to report any efforts that the coin-op industry makes to promote itself to the public – it’s something we strive to do every day but you need more than a blog to get the word out to everyone. So I am quite happy to hear this news that the AAMA is working hard on some positive PR for the industry, the first of which includes a look at pinball machines during a 15-minute segment during the popular morning TV show “Good Morning America”. The segment will air on Decemeber 27th, 2007 and will run for 15-minutes, focusing on the 60th anniversary of the pinball machine. Stern Pinball will be there of course and they have even created a special Good Morning America pinball title that will be featured on the show. Other pins you can expect to see are some of Stern’s latest efforts including Wheel of Fortune, Spiderman, Pirates of the Caribbean and the segment will also feature pinball wizards  Joshua and Zach Sharpe who will discuss pinball and it’s history as well as pushing the effort for people to “get out and play.”

The AAMA promises to have more up their sleeve for 2008 – we certainly look forward to seeing more positive publicity for the arcade industry come next year.

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Black Spiderman pin on Stern Website

October 18, 2007

Stern Pinball has updated their website with information on their recently announced Limited Edition Black Spiderman pinball machine. As you can see the only difference is the artwork (which looks better than the original IMO) and the price tag. This will be available in November.
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Black Spiderman Pinball by Stern

October 11, 2007


Stern loves creating limited edition pin tables. Their latest: Black Spiderman, which of course coincides with the black Spiderman character from Spiderman 3. The new cabinet includes brand new artwork that fits right along with the theme as well as new chrome body armor featuring an etched spider web design. One distributor has the game up for order at $5000 (hit link below). Unfortunately there are no pics of this table that I can find at the moment, but it certainly sounds like it looks cool.

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Pinball Returns! – Hardcore Gamer Magazine Issue 28 out

October 1, 2007


It is always a privilege to write for a game magazine – especially where you have some leeway in what content you choose to cover. Not only can I do arcades, but pinball machines as well. In the latest issue of Hardcore Gamer Magazine I cover Stern’s Spiderman Pinball machine marking the first time in quite a while (that I know of) that a game magazine has been willing to cover pins. They used to all the time, in fact I have an old Gamepro from about 92 where they covered Star Trek Pinball, but that was quite a while ago. I’ll try and cover pins more in the future, between arcade games. Click on the link below to check out the free download of the magazine!

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Spiderman Challenge

September 28, 2007


Still waiting to play this latest Stern table, hopefully Preview? 

[via Barcade] 

Stern Pinball is hosting the 2007 IFPA-AMOA Pinball Championship at the AMOA International Expo Show in Las Vegas. The Championship will be held September 27-29th at the Las Vegas Convention Center, North Halls 3 & 4 at Stern’s Booth #2220.

Everyone attending the Expo is eligible to participate. The pinball in question is Stern’s latest hit, Spider-Man, which includes villians and other items from all 3 hit movies.

There are many prizes that you can win, including money, DVDs, autographed & framed Stern Spider-Man translite, among other things

New Games Added @ Highway Games

June 5, 2007


We covered these games a while back, but Highway Games have now added them to thier site. Tokyo Drift, King of Fighters and Spiderman Pinball now have a full rundown on the site. I’m surprised that KOF has been added seeing as there’s still not that much info, cabinet wise at least, but good to seeing they are still updating thier the games list.

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