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Funland arcade in Toronto, Ontario closing in a few days!

July 10, 2008

Here at Arcade Heroes we like to focus on the positive of the arcade scene but I feel this needs to be announced. Funland arcade in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) will be closing sometime next week so if you want to play something there, take pictures or relive fond memories of the place, better hurry because it will be gone soon. The arcade is located on Yonge Street. To my knowledge this arcade has been in business since at least the 1980’s so it will be very sad to see it go. Last I heard a very rare, F-Zero Super Deluxe cabinet with motion resides in this arcade. I cannot confirm if its still there but if you want a shot at playing one of these in the full deluxe motion cabinet and live near Toronto, you better hurry. I have wanted to visit this arcade but I was never able to get there.

Funland arcade on the verge of closing

Funland arcade on the verge of closing

Mini Rider 2 Video

November 30, 2007

Thought I’d do my usual check through all the arcade manufactures websites. New to Sega Amusements Europe’s we have a Mini Rider 2 promo video. As most of you would have read already from IAAPA reports, this ride was shown at the American trade show. Hit the link below to check out the video.

[Mini Rider 2 Video]

Now let’s see if there’s anything new on other manufactures sites, stay tuned…….

Edit: Nope nothing else new, don’t forget if you spot any great news that you want share with us, use the link in the top right to contact us.

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