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Incredible Technologies gearing up for their largest coin-op sweepstakes ever

April 9, 2008

One aspect about coin-op game creator Incredible Technologies that I have always liked are the sweepstakes that they run with their various games, from Golden Tee to Silver Strike Bowling and even to Bags. Probably the best part about the giveaways is that they aren’t forgettable thanks to some of the great prizes they give to players in addition to fairly large cash prizes that are given out throughout the sweepstakes. For this reason I would like an IT game in my arcade – even though they focus more on the bar scene I think that it works for regular arcade operators as well. The sweepstakes give something for players to look forward to and talk about when away from the arcade.

Starting next week, Incredible Technologies will launch their largest sweepstakes ever, in accordance with the release of the new Silver Strike Bowling 2009. They will also be re-launching the ITs website that will offer new features for operators. Here is a video showing off two winners that got brand new Harley Davidson’s from the last sweepstakes and stay tuned as we find out more.

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Silver Strike Bowling 2009 release and some big prize giveaways.

March 20, 2008


In a press release sent out today by Incredible Technologies, they have some big prizes that they have given away in conjunction with their SSB Sweepstakes that is always running along with SSB 2007. The grand prize winners for December and January received some fun they could run around in – one received a Harley-Davidson Soft Tail Motorcycle for the winner in Wisconsin and for another winner in Florida they received 2 brand new Sea Doo Jet Skis. From the press release:

 In early January, the Port Richey, FL native and her husband Billy made the simple decision to purchase Silver Strike player cards. Having heard of the benefits of being cardholders – namely the opportunity to enter the sweepstakes – the two saw it as a great way to get the most out of their Silver Strike game play.

Well on January 25, Susan’s new card gave her the ultimate return on investment when it helped her become the January winner of two brand new Sea-Doo jet skis!

This is one reason I’d like to get connected with SSB in my own arcade – for players that get the cards from participating venues I think it gives some extra value for them as in addition to the big prizes, IT constantly gives away cash prizes. With the new SSB 2009, they will be giving away even more prizes. And speaking of that, the press release also reveals that Silver Strike Bowling 2009 will be released next month in April. I don’t doubt that it will be at ASI so we will see how players and operators react to the game next week.

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Silver Strike Bowling Sweepstakes video

February 16, 2008

I really have to hand it to Incredible Technologies – since not every arcade or bar can be relied on to hold arcade game competitions, they’ve taken it upon themselves to run some great sweepstakes that drums up interest in both arcade games as well as IT’s own offerings. Now it’s true that they are not the only ones  doing this – Raw Thrills’/Play Mechanix/Betson has done some pretty high profile competitions for Big Buck Hunter that we’ve reported about in the past, it seems that the difference between the two companies is in the frequency of the competitions. Either way I don’t believe it matters who is doing it as long as any company takes the initiative to market their game in this manner, which highlights the strengths of the arcade social scene. Here is a video from  user SilverStrikeBowling that highlights a recent Silver Strike bowling sweepstake where the winner got tickets to the Super Bowl. That’s probably the best thing I’ve seen out of these competitions – they give away good prizes and not throw away crap. I should also point out our recent news of Silver Strike Bowling 2009 where IT promises even more cash prizes along some more big stuff.

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New from IT – Silver Strike Bowling 2009

February 1, 2008


Incredible Technologies has launched a new website for their latest title, Silver Strike 2009: Bowler’s Club.  Building upon the same formula that has made other Silver strike titles so popular, SSB09 adds some new tournament features that seek to attract even more players to the franchise. With the last SSB title IT ran several sweepstakes that proved to be quite popular with over $250,000 in prizes awarded already and with 09 they promise to expand on that program where “10 winners will be crowned each week in addition to the famous monthly grand prizes” (just to give you an idea they have given away some really cool prizes including new Harley Davidson motorcycles, new cars and more). They also will be running their $100,000 national championship between April 15th – May 31st with finals being held in Las Vegas, only on SSB09.

As for new features they have added a throwback bracket mode where players canssbc09_cab.jpg essentially create their own leagues with 4-16 players. A Red Pin Free game mode has been added where non-registered players can win a free game – if they manage to make five red pin strikes. And finally they have added “SSB Survivor”, an elimination mode where players must make strikes to stay in the game, which can also make for a great tournament. They also state on the site that the game will feature new and exclusive online features although beyond online leaderboards it doesn’t cover everything those features entail.

As far as I can tell, the only thing they are missing to make this one of the best selling games ever is Wiimote support. It sure has worked out for Nintendo…

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The Stinger Report – UK Distributors at Open-Day Meetings

July 27, 2007


The latest Stinger Report covers the gatherings of UK amusement distributors at recent events such as the Park Avenue Open-Day and BAR.07, both held in London.  A number of popular games were available, including most of Incredible Technologies offerings (minus Golden Tee LIVE 2008). Surprisingly IT brought along the European version of ‘Target Toss Pro: Bags’ which has been renamed simply to ‘BAGS’ for the aforementioned market. They also demonstrated the modified European version of ‘Silver Strike 2007 Bowler’s Club’ which includes a Tournament feature and the same distributor for IT products, Electrocoin also demonstrated the first production upright units for ‘Chase HQ 2’.

Among other news in the Stinger Report for today, they also report that Konami’s ‘Pro Evolution Soccer Arcade Championship’ is running into some trouble. A direct quote from The Stinger Report:

However TSR has learned that licensing issues regarding the soccer teams and players represented in the amusement version has meant that plans to release the arcade version has been suspended for an undefined period meaning no deployment of the e-AMUSEMENT system in the UK – this could mean that it will miss a 2007 release window – TSR awaits a official statement on the arcade game’s status.

Hopefully Konami can sort those issues out before the end of the year.

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ITtv: The Golden Tee, Silver Strike Bowling and BAGS Podcast Network

July 23, 2007

For the insatiable Golden Tee, Silver Strike Bowling or TTP: BAGS fan – your dream has come true. Incredible Technologies has launched ITtv – a new podcast network to feature cool, insider audio (and video) podcasts about the hottest barroom video games. 

Want to hear it? 

 Podcast Logo 

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Silver Strike Bowling Is Back

June 24, 2007

Not exactly news that many of you will care about, but my local O’Neils has just got a SSB back in to thier bar. It was almost 6 months that it was taken away from me and my friends, but they have seen sense and brought it back to us. Happy days! You’ll be pleased to know my first three games I scored 176, 211, and 203. That was probably my best three game series ever and now I own the leaderboard (for now).