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Positive reports from Preview 2009

October 17, 2008

Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all political (although I did watch a very interesting Panorama about the economical meltdown last night), but it’s good to see that even with all the shit that’s happening at the moment it’s not all doom and gloom. That’s the message that is coming out of Preview, read on…..

[via Highway Games]

Despite current difficult trading conditions, the industry turned out to support Preview 2009 in London on 1-2 October. Exhibitors presented a broad range of products including some new and innovative games.

“We were extremely pleased with the number and quality of visitors who came to the show this year,” said Philip Howard, show organiser. “The Wednesday afternoon was particularly busy.”

The UK is currently awaiting news on a stakes and prizes review, which it is hoped will give the market a much needed boost. Meanwhile there seems to be a welcome rise in interest in redemption products and other one-off novelty games.

“The show went very well, we received a considerable amount of interest in Astra’s new products and an excellent response to the innovative edge that Astra’s games offer,” said Richard Barr of Astra Games.

Barrie Knighton of Gemini Games was also pleasantly surprised at how positive this year’s show was. “Our portfolio of digital product was received exceptionally well at this year’s Preview.” he said.

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Also check out this video on the Preview website, if not see what was at the show, then for the terrible music.

Next Week: Preview 2009

September 24, 2008

Next week is London Preview. Will we see anything new that we haven’t see at the resent AM Show in Japan? Probably not. However what is shown is an indication of what we are going to see on our shores in the near future. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that most of the fighters we’ve seen at the Japanese show probably won’t be shown in London. Other than that I expect to see most of the others present and hopefully in arcades soon. Although you have to remember the show is called Preview and for that reason we should not expect to see these games properly released until the ATEi in January.

The show takes place at Novotel, Hammersmith on Wednesday 1st Oct
10.00am – 18.00pm and Thursday 2nd Oct 10.00am – 16.00pm

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London Preview Flashback – 2004

October 15, 2007



[Thanks to The Stinger Report and via Insert Credit]

This articles makes for good reading, and as far as I’m concerned you can’t beat a look back in to the past, weather it be 4 or 40 years! In this instance we are going back to the 2004 London Preview. Read on………………..

Arcade Gold at Preview ‘04

Arguably the best and largest showing of new video amusement titles in the UK this year was held at a London Hotel in Hammersmith. The annual two-day event is an exclusive trade only gathering in preparation for the main Amusement Trade Exhibition International (ATEI) show in January 2004. The arcade industry is still strong though focusing on tried and trusted genres such as driving/racing, fighting and shooting games. The requirement for vandal-proof cabinets for the new generation of arcades is oftimes at odds with the new technology simulators and high quality force feedback systems employed in the latest games.

The Preview 2004 event included the first European showing of Sega’s ‘Out Run 2’; over three cabinets of the game had made the trip from the respective Japanese and American débuts. The twin sit-down cabinet on the Sega booth received much attention, the normal race – ‘OutRun mode’, ‘heart attack mode’ and ‘time attack mode’ styles a refreshing new aspect to the popular title. The twin network ‘Versus mode’ is another feature new to the classic lines but much appreciated with the promise of four-player simultaneous action. The CHIHIRO board (based on XBox architecture) supplying lush scenery and the promise of unlock cars and levels all add to continuous play and coin drop. The system utilizes the standard Sega twin cabinet configuration for European application used before for Sega Rally II.

The company had along side this the re-release of the water jet-ski game ‘Wave Runner GP’ (first released in 2001) now minus the expensive motion cabinet aimed at a cost cutting market. The player sits astride the seat, holding motorbike style handlebars, and controlling his jet-ski with a throttle control. The game was developed for two player action competing round glorious Naomi hardware.


Electrocoin To Launch New Style Games At Preview

September 19, 2007


[via Coin-Op News]

New Category C products representing a new style and direction will be unveiled by Electrocoin at Preview, including Taito’s Space Invaders and the screen based Magic X, along with a number of products indicating a diversification in Electrocoin’s product range.

Following the success of Stern Kooky Carnival roll down redemption game, Electrocoin are launching a brand new ticket redemption game called Tutti Frutti Tickets. The machine is a three reel ticket redemption machine with an additional 4th feature reel.

The machine boasts holds, nudges and swap features which make it great fun to play. All this combined with excellent sounds and colourful artwork make it a must for any redemption area

Taito’s Chase HQ2 will be shown in three formats, including a new TFT version that gives the game a totally new feel. Whilst the market in video driving games remains competitive, Kevin Weir commented: “Chase HQ2 is a different style of game from the other racing videos that are in the market.

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SEGA “Race” to reveal London Preview Line up

September 16, 2007

Sega Amusements Europe Ltd. will reveal a star studded cast of new product at this year’s London Preview. The world market leader will have more than nine new pieces on offer, with both World and European exclusives.

These include the first European viewing of Primeval Hunt. This two player prehistoric hunting game has all the elements of extreme hunting – stealth, cunning, and skill – only bigger. Players test their wits by tracking and hunting dinosaurs across vast landscape. Unique features include the free roaming, touch screen; pump action gun, 2 player match play, and game progression.  Primeval Hunt is on the mighty Lindbergh platform and available in both standard 29” monitor and deluxe 50” monitor versions for a monster experience. 


Hit the link below to read the rest of the press release which was sent to me by Sega Amusements Europe’s Justin Burke.


New UK Gaming Law Is Giving Preview A Boost

August 2, 2007


[via Coin-Op News]

The new UK gaming law is giving Preview 2008 a boost. Organisers Howard & Wikberg have noted two trends at this year’s show. Existing exhibitors are moving to larger, more impressive stands and other companies are either returning or using the Preview to enter the UK marketplace for the first time.

“This year’s Preview promises to be bigger and better than ever,” says Ylva Howard. “Visitors will notice immediately that some of our exhibitors have taken much larger stands. Astra has doubled its stand space in the Champagne Suite (CH2 and 3) and downstairs in the Chablis Suite Hamayoon Amusements (NT50) has taken a stand five times the size of last year!”

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HardCore Gamer Vol. 3 Issue 2 out, arcade preview The Act

July 26, 2007


Hardcore Gamer 26 is out and this month I cover the upcoming and innovative arcade title The Act. If you’re interested in other things than arcade games, they have plenty of that too. 😛 The cover features the new Stranglehold byMidway and they also have other articles that interest me, such as Metroid Prime 3 info. Arcade Heroes is even mentioned (once again) in this issue. Either way I was very happy with the look of The Act article (I only do the writing and gather pictures, I don’t do the layout) and if you want to check it out, head out to the store and buy a hard copy or hit the download link (it’s a pdf file) below and goto page 67.

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