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Winning Eleven Arcade 2008 Location Test

December 3, 2007


[via Konami Japan]

Pro Evo Winning Eleven Arcade 2008 is to be placed on location test soon in Japan, and the question I keep asking is; were the hell is Winning ElevenPro Evo Arcade 2007 on these shores? It was shown at ATEi this year and unless it’s just me, I haven’t seen it anywhere. Any sightings anyone?


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Pro Evolution Soccer – Arcade Championship 2007

March 27, 2007


Highway Games is a great resource for upcoming products, especially now that System 16 seems not have any updates any more. HG has now added to more game to it’s product list. First up is Pro Evo Soccer 2007;

The cult soccer series long awaited sequel from it’s last version in 2002. Bringing a new level of realism and action to the series, including up to date international teams, leagues and players.The creators have gone to great lengths to create a real life atmosphere for the game including transferring soccer players real life stats to the game. This game sports additional features including access to Konami online e-Amusement system as well the ability to plug in your PS2 game controller into the machine instead of using the arcade controls.

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Pro Evo Arcade Location Tests

March 5, 2007


Konami is currently trialling an arcade cabinet in the UK based on the hit Pro Evolution Soccer franchise.

The two-player Pro Evolution Soccer Arcade Championship is being tested in two locations in London, with the intention of launching more coin-op units later this year.

The cabinet uses e-Amusement cards, which allow players to save data on pre-paid cards and plug them into any cabinet.

e-Amusement is also an online service, linking all cabinets throughout Europe to a central server and facilitating play between units.

As well as trialling the arcade machines, Konami intends to hold pan-European tournaments after a full roll out in June.


My Best Pro Evo Goal

February 12, 2007


This strictly isn’t arcade related, although it could be scored on Pro Evo Arcade because they are exactly the same game. So here we have it, the best Pro Evo goal I’ve scored and ever likely to score. Enjoy

Video of Konami’s ATEI 2007 Stand

January 31, 2007

 Featuring Pro Evolution Soccer Arcade, DrumMania, Guitar Freaks, BeatMania and Crazy Streets. Check it out!

Video of Konami's ATEI 2007 Stand

January 31, 2007

 Featuring Pro Evolution Soccer Arcade, DrumMania, Guitar Freaks, BeatMania and Crazy Streets. Check it out!

Konami @ ATEI 2007

January 29, 2007


Konami had a great stand, although that maybe because I’m a big Pro Evo Soccer fan. The arcade version is as solid as the console, but this is my only gripe with game. Why pay to play it it when I can play it on my 360 against my friends online for free. Still, it’s great fun to play. Also on the stand was Crazy Streets, which I’d already seen at the the Trocadero, which is a pretty standard street racing game, but again still good fun to play. Finally Konami had thier range of music based games including BeatMania, Guitar Freaks, and DrumMania which to be honest I was to scared to play because there was a bunch of the hardcore players there. So I was quite happy just to watch them do there thing. I think I got a video of one them on the BeatMania, which I’ll post up soon.