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Cabinet options: standard, deluxe, Lego (?!)

May 19, 2010

This is the kind of story I always love to see, as it shows the ingenuity of arcade fans. Lego enthusiast Ben Fleskes has done some pretty cool things in the past – a multitude of train models, the USS constitution and the Millennium Falcon. But he’s come to our attention this week by doing something extremely awesome, by putting together a fully functional tabletop arcade cabinet. As you can see, the cabinet has a Pac-Man marquee and side-art, and it runs a 48-in-1 JAMMA board with many 80s classics. Check out the video below, and then check out the link for more information.

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Video Review: Namco Classics Collection Vol. 2 UPDATED

September 3, 2008

Here’s another video review from a game at my arcade, sorry about the delay but I had misplaced my transfer cable but after finding it I’m ready to make videos again. Today we’re looking at Namco Classic Collection Vol. 2 which was released back in 1996. It includes three classic titles on it’s roster – Pac-Man, Dig Dug and Rally X. This game also includes upgraded versions of each game that stick to the same premise but adds new features to the game making them new. Pac-Man and Dig Dug are big names that everyone recognizes but RallyX might have gone under the radar for some people. RallyX has you racing on a scrolling playfield so you can go in any direction you wish, gathering flags to move onto the next level. At the same time several cars are trying to smash into you and you must avoid them by using things like a smoke screen to avoid them. I missed out on RallyX in the video because my battery died but if anyone wants to see more on the updated version of the game I’ll make a second part.

UPDATE: I recorded some footage of RallyX that was missed on the video above, here it is below

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Pacman Ghost Lamps

June 9, 2008

One day I’ll have the cash to get all of this arcade game merchandise and furniture that we’ve been seeing lately. That day isn’t today but if it was I would probably pick up one of these great Pacman Ghost lamps. They are only in the concept stage and are being created by a Brazilian artist by the name of Anderson Horta but when they are complete I’m sure that any Pac-Man fan would enjoy having these at home (in the game room of course).

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Pac-Man – The Real Story

May 4, 2008

[Via Kotaku]

You have to love it when a T-Shirt design turns into a narrative for what really is going on in Pac-Man’s world. Innocent little guy being chased by ghosts in a maze? Scratch that, try a space man overdosing on pills and hallucinating! As it stands, it is a good narrative as to why one should not take drugs in space while running around in futuristic labyrinths. [For the T-Shirt, visit]

For the YMTND animation (which is great for startling people near your computer if the volume is up high) check out Don’t Do Drugs In Space! Please!

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Free haunted Ms Pac Man cabinet anyone?

March 11, 2008


Normally I wouldn’t think twice about accepting a free arcade cabinet, but after I read this I had to think twice. I don’t totally believe in the whole ghost thing, but why else would someone give something like this away? Read on for the full story….

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Pac-Man Coasters

February 17, 2008

So I have been away for a few days, and have just about caught up with everything that has been going on at the AOU (thanks Shaggy). Pretty cool stuff, I’m still mega excited about SF IV and all these video have done little to curb my enthusiasm. I figured I’d break up all this AOU news and bring a little arcade related fun to you all. That’s if you’ve not seen this on Kotaku yet!


Right now, recycled circuit board coasters are my living line of defense between condensation and the fragile finish of $30 coffee tables. (Yes, I spent as much on the coasters as the tables they protect). And even though these coasters really are pretty fantastic, they can be out-gunned during my larger gatherings that feature more condensation.

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Spain's Pac-Man Christmas tree

December 7, 2007

This is probably the best Christmas tree ever – a Pac-Man Christmas tree in Madridpac-man_chrmas_tree.jpg Spain and on top of it all, this tree is animated (although it’s not fully animated to the point where it actually plays a game). I’m not sure if anyone has done something like this before (probably) but either way the most iconic arcade character of all time continues delighting people through many different methods. If you happen to be in Spain this holiday season, the tree can be seen in downtown Madrid at Nuevos Ministerios. Enjoy!

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