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Exclusive pics of the Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom hardware – Wii it is!

December 27, 2008


There has still been some speculation as to what hardware the new Capcom fighter, Tatsunoko Vs Capcom is running on – while some sources stuck firm to the claim of it running on Wii-based hardware, others have stuck with it being something more along the lines of System 256 (which is PS2 based) or similar. Well now we have proof that T Vs. C is running on Wii-based hardware, thanks to these exclusive images that were sent to us by The Stinger Report. Many thanks to them and enjoy!

The first on the left is the T Vs. C hardware in it’s standard case. The second is that same thing but open, the third is what the home Wii hardware looks like when open. While the boards are obviously different in overall design, notice the Nintendo logo in the upper right hand corner of the board on the T Vs C board. It’s interesting to note that the T Vs C hardware includes a WiFi device and no wired ethernet port. One question now is how many other games will they use for this hardware? I think of the TriForce Gamecube-based hardware and that had very little support overall so will developers in Japan take to this as a cheap alternative to something like the Taito TypeX2?  We’ll only know as next year unfolds.

Click on the thumbnails below to see the hardware in full size.

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Rumour: Initial D for DS?

March 18, 2008


According to various sites we could be seeing a DS version of Initial D coming our way. Judging by these screen shots, presuming they are genuine, it doesn’t look bad for a DS game, and imagine how good Wi-Fi would be. Fingers crossed.

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King of Kong Coming To DVD

November 18, 2007


I have been away for a few days and this was a nice bit of news to hear on my return home (along with all the great news coming from IAAPA). According to GoNintendo, The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters is coming to DVD in the new year.

So for those of you like me that didn’t see this at the theatres, because it never saw a release in the UK, here is your chance to watch this well received documentary. I will eagerly await it’s release.

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Physical arcade gaming grows; expect to see more in 2008

November 12, 2007

Recently we discussed Exer-Gaming and the combination of coin-operated arcade stylesolutions_xergames_img4.gif games being used in gyms and other sectors seeking to keep kids fit. While it is unlikely you’ll see many of these games in a local FEC or arcade they certainly are attracting a lot of attention from a variety of sources, including the mainstream press. The Chicago Tribune has posted an article entitled “Arcade-style machines in gyms help young couch potatoes sweat” that discusses the growing impact of physical gaming and how these new types of games are growing in popularity as people seek ways to fuse entertainment and fitness together, also called Exer-Gaming. Of course there is plenty of fuel coming from the console industry with the Nintendo Wii leading the charge and this is having an impact not only in the sector of creating fitness based exer-games but also any type of game that involves physical movement as part of the control. The Stinger Report suggests that we will be seeing a larger number of games coming to arcades next year that focus more on this style of gameplay but expanded beyond what the Wii can do for gamers. Already Trio-Tech is working on a new golf simulator that combines realistic golf control with Tiger Woods PGA Golf; Sega has already created Manic Panic Ghost; Konami has already created several motion-based a while before the Wii was even known as the Revolution. Physical gaming certainly is here to stay and it should be interesting to see how it develops in the arcade sector over time.

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Arcade game simulation for game consoles via Wii Fit

November 10, 2007

Remember Alpine Racer? If not it was a skiing game for arcades that used a unique control setup (movable skis) to simulate skiing. Now game consoles are catching up, with Nintendo’s Wii Fit board which features a skiing game that is reminiscent of Alpine Racer. I love how the mainstream game media keeps saying that arcades are behind but if that’s the case why are consoles trying to catch up with 10+ year old arcade titles?

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Taito DS Paddle Controller

September 24, 2007


[via DotGizmo]

While bringing arcade games to your game console is a lot of fun, it does lack the magic of the original, especially when you’re playing with a tiny screen that’s touch-based rather than button or joystick oriented. Purists who find this depressing will be ecstatic over the Taito DS Paddle Controller, which plugs in to your Nintento DS. The dial isn’t just a dial, but a weighted button, giving the exact original-style kickback and spin factor of the old school arcade firing pin. Now all you have to do is take your DS to the pub, find a dirty corner to stand in (preferably with a sticky floor) and spill someone else’s beer on your buttons to complete the illusion. Or you could just stay home and use it in a nice bath. Either way, it’s only available in Japan.

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Ghost Squad (Wii) Japanese Trailer

September 13, 2007

After watching this video it looks as though Ghost Squad for the Wii is exactly the same as the arcade version, the only new addition is some 4 player Point Blank style target shooting games, I’m not sure whether the 4 player mode has made it over to the mission part of the game. Also I’m hoping there will be some extra mission on top of the arcade ones but we will have to wait and see.

Also a preview of the game has just been posted up on Eurogamer, which doesn’t answer my above questions, but does give you a good insight in to how the game is being received by the consumer gaming press.

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