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KOF Versus Festival previews King of Fighters XIII

May 16, 2010

Earlier this month, a large Japanese King of Fighters tournament was held, taking in classics such as KOF2002UM and KOF98. However, the big point of attraction was a special preview tournament for the upcoming King of Fighters XIII! Top players were given the chance to battle it out on the latest entry in SNK’s classic series. Check out a video of the finals below!

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A new KOFXII trailer

January 8, 2009


KOFXII news continues to flow in, here with a new look at the game that showcases different characters from the roster we saw recently. I would embed the trailer here but it’s from GameTrailers and we can’t embed that here, so here’s a link. It’s guaranteed to be awesome, so it’s worth the click.

[KOFXII Trailer on via Kotaku]

Stop…Roster Time!

December 31, 2008


(Thanks to Phil on the forums for the tip)

The roster for the upcoming installment of the King of Fighters XII has been released and for those interested, you can find out all the details of each character, including measurements, birthdate, and more (if you understand Japanese). I am surprised to only see 20 characters on the roster (I’m used to KOF 98 where there is twice that but I admit that I haven’t played the newest installments of the gamesince 2003) but even with a smaller roster than some  KOF titles, it has many fan favorites and is overall a well-rounded line-up. Hit the link below to check out the site

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Video of KOFXII Japanese location test

December 22, 2008

All I can say is man this game looks beautiful. I don’t care if it doesn’t use 3D, in fact I appreciate the 2D art (and game style when it comes to fighters) much more. The video speaks for itself below, uploaded by youtube user wx1682

King Of Fighters XII Japan site updates from teaser to full detail (updated with a translation)

December 1, 2008


Today must be a day for fighters as here is some news on another highly anticipated arcade fighter, KOFXII. While I hadn’t been keeping tabs on the teaser site, what is there now is nicely detailed with new sections describing the game and characters. Even if you can’t understand the Japanese text in certain areas,  it’s a good place for screenshots and upcoming movies of the game in action to salivate over.

While I don’t expect to see this get much US distribution, it will likely be a a title that will be imported by many locations; I certainly am considering it. For those of you out there looking into opening up your own arcade, if you have a notable Latino population in your area then you should consider getting any KOF game really as the game is huge south of the US border. I’ve seen that with earnings on my KOF98, which has done far better than I ever expected. KOFXII could very well get the attention of other fighter fans between it’s amazing 2D look and it’s battle system.

UPDATE: Aaron Auzis has kindly taken the time to translate some information from the updated KOF site and has provided that translation to us at AH. Many thanks Aaron! If you’d like to get see what new information has been revealed on the game, including details on the new mechanics that KOFXII will bring to the table, hit the post break below where it says “Read the rest of this post”.

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The AM show (JAMMA) Mega Preview Post : Elevator Action, Razing Storm, KOFXII, Harley Davidson, CastleVania & more

September 18, 2008

There is another arcade event about to take place next week and this time it’s in Japan. Known as the AM Show, also called the JAMMA show, it brings with it a lot of information on games we’ve been hearing about for a while along with new games. It should be interesting to see what comes along over the next week but at the moment here is what we have for you as a preview of what to expect.

BTW – For interest of space, I’m just using thumbnails on this post. Click on them to expand and images taken from various sources I’ll credit at the end.

New games:

Holy frak, Taito is bringing Elevator Action back. Labeled as “Elevator Action: Death Parade” we currently have a picture of the cabinet and nothing else. Of course the cabinet has to have something which looks like an elevator door covering the screen so no clue what the game looks like but it’s not longer a joystick game but a light-gun title. The cabinet has a Too Spicy feel to it, I wonder if the game will mimick that or not.  Notice that it also has a surround sound system on it, much like those Konami cabinets are using (ex. Silent Hill, CastleVania). If this plays elevator music at certain points then this is going to be one of the coolest cabinets ever.

Taito also was showing off a new mini-game party title (I’m surprised that there aren’t more of these after the Wii came out) called Senor: The Nippon (?) and Hoppingurodo, which apparently has something to do with simulating jumping on pogo sticks.

Konami will not be at the show but they are still exhibiting games on location tests so I am sure that people will be talking about these games and they have what I think is a new fighter but the cabinet pictured shows a control scheme that is unfamiliar so it’s hard to say exactly what Brave Heroes is going to be. The game has something to do with the War of the Three Kingdoms – perhaps it’s a Dynasty Warriors style fighter (which I have always thought would make a perfect arcade title, which would have been done with the War of the Grail).

Namco has also shown off a new light-gun not based on Time Crisis (it appears) called Razing Storm. From the flyer the graphics look pretty good and it looks like it uses a bit of destructive environment geometry as well. The game is powered by System 357 (which I believe is the PlayStation 3 based hardware) and it uses a 62″ screen along with a cabinet design that sort of reminds me of Rambo.  Whether this will make it to the States or not is beyond me, I was pretty disappointed with Namco’s lack of games at AMOA but maybe as they see others gearing up they will too.

Now for some more info on games we knew about already – hit the jump or this will take up too much space on the main page 🙂 But we’ve got a look at Sega’s Harley Davidson, KOFXII, a new look at the CastleVania Arcade cabinet, first screens of Hummer Extreme and more.


Samurai Spirits Sen and KOF98 Ultimate Match now available

August 4, 2008

Fighter fans can now rejoice – two new fighters are now available for purchase, through at least two importing companies that I know of (and probably more), Legend Trading Company (update: I just noticed that the link isn’t working although this is the one I got in the e-mail, maybe the site is down at the moment?) and Coinopexpress. The prices on both games are different between these two companies but Samurai Spirits Sen is going for $3,500 to $3,700 if you get it with the hardware (just the software runs for about $1000 less) and KOF98:UM is going for between $1300 to $2700 respectively, with the software going for much less. If you’re out of the loop, Samurai Spirits Sen is the latest entry in the Samurai Shodown series and is in 3D, KOF98:UM is KOF98 with some enhancements in graphics, new fighters and new moves and was made to celebrate KOF98’s 10th anniversary.

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