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Sega Opening a ton of Amusement Parks in the Middle East

January 17, 2008


Via GamesIndustryBiz

Sega will be opening amusement parks and arcades similar to Joypolis in Japan in the Middle East. The first location set to open will be in the Dubai Mall in Downtown Burj, Dubai. It will be 76,000 sq feet and will feature simulators, a roller coaster and of course many arcade games. The complex is set to open in late 2008.

Unfortunately these complexes will not be opening anywhere in North America.

(Thanks to The Stinger Report for the image)

Joystiq Podcast Talks Arcades! (not for long though)

October 5, 2007


It may seem little sad & depressing that I’m posting about this, but it’s not very often video game podcasts talk about the arcades, other than that they think they are dying.

Anyways, I was listening to the Joystiq podcast, who were looking back at thier week at TGS and they mention they made a visit to Joyopolis. Mainly what they spent most of thier time talking about were the HOTD & LGJ Special Attractions, and thier opinions were split. One of the podcasters loved LGJ, the other felt like he was a bit stupid queuing and hour to play a arcade game that “spins around and has an extra screen”. Each to thier own I guess. All I’m going to take from it is if a non-arcade gamer loves LGJ Special Attraction, then I’m REALLY GOING LOVE IT!

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