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Video Review: House of the Dead 4 by Sega

October 23, 2008

It’s been a little while but I found the time to do another game review, this time for Sega’s House of the Dead 4. I have been having a number of problems with the cabinet I have – from the guns to the monitors but when it doesn’t have problems it’s a great game. There are a lot more zombies in this than in the other HOTD games so the machine gun is a nice addition. I’m sorry if it’s hard to hear what I say in the video at certain points, I tried to talk loud but I guess the game volume was too high. 🙂

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Weird Wednesday: English of the Dead & Pirates in Virtua Fighter 5

February 6, 2008


It’s been a funny old day today.

Found both of these of the gaming blog machine that is Kotaku. First up we have a new DS game from Sega. There was House of the Dead, then Typing of the Dead and now we having English of the Dead. That’s right, they are releasing an English training game were you slay Japanese speaking zombies with English. Sounds bloody ace if you ask me!

The second weird piece of news from today is the news that revision D of Virtua Fighter 5 will include CPU controlled pirate fighting in the Knockout Trial 2 game mode. I’m still undecided which of these is weirder, only in Japan. Actually they probably both will be!

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Wii House of the Dead Box Art

November 25, 2007


[via GoNintendo]

I don’t know what it is about box art, but it always gets me more excited about a game. Especially when it has zombies on it!

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House of the Dead 2 & 3 Confirmed for Wii

November 18, 2007


Now this one we all saw coming a mile off. I can picture it now in the Sega boardroom…

So we’ve done Ghost Squad for Wii, what other lightgun arcade games can we port over to the Wii….. hmmmmmmmm?

A bit of a no brainer really.

Personally I’m really looking forward to this and looks like it could be excellent value as it will include HOTD 2 & 3 plus lots of extra new features. All I have to say is it better have HOTD 1 as a hidden unlockable!

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Joystiq Podcast Talks Arcades! (not for long though)

October 5, 2007


It may seem little sad & depressing that I’m posting about this, but it’s not very often video game podcasts talk about the arcades, other than that they think they are dying.

Anyways, I was listening to the Joystiq podcast, who were looking back at thier week at TGS and they mention they made a visit to Joyopolis. Mainly what they spent most of thier time talking about were the HOTD & LGJ Special Attractions, and thier opinions were split. One of the podcasters loved LGJ, the other felt like he was a bit stupid queuing and hour to play a arcade game that “spins around and has an extra screen”. Each to thier own I guess. All I’m going to take from it is if a non-arcade gamer loves LGJ Special Attraction, then I’m REALLY GOING LOVE IT!

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House of the Dead 4 Special with Motion Cabinet

May 10, 2007

House of the Dead 4 Special with Motion Cabinet

According to Kotaku, Sega has released a special motion cabinet version of House of the Dead 4 into Japanese and European arcades. The cabinet has two 100 inch XGA projector screens, as well as a motion cabinet that has a seat which the player belts themselves into. The cabinet swings around and vibrates depending on the action on the screen. A burst of air is blown onto players faces at different intervals in the game as well.

It is like a playable motion ride, reminiscent of Sega’s R630 cabinet, but with less vomiting.

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Sega @ ATEI 2007 – Part 2 – Gun Games

January 29, 2007


Once again Sega have far too many games to cover, so now I’m going to plough through thier gun games. Probably the most unique one of the show was Too Spicy or “2 spicy” depending on how down wit it you are! The basic premise of this game is that it’s a one on one shooter with a kind of of third person perspective. Additionally you have two pedals to use to dodge left and right between pillars and cover. It’s a pretty frantic game, and is superb when you are participating in a VS match with you friend. Obviously there was the old favourite House of the Dead 4, but in addition to that there was “House of the Dead 4 Special”. Believe me, it is special. The concept is that you and a buddy sit yourself in this room, so to speak, and you get buckled in with seat belts and a bar and then the game starts. It’s a new story with new locations, but the twist is that you have a screen in front and behind you and the seat spins depending on where the zombies are coming from. It’s a blast, it’s just a shame the queue for it was like half and hour. There was a new version of Ghost Squad subtitled Evolution whichwas more of the same, as well as a deluxe version of Extreme Hunting 2. Finally there was Let’s Go Jungle which is a well overdue return to having a shooter in an enclosed cabinet, like Jurassic Park. In true Japanese style this is one of those classic mad cap adventures with giant spiders and mutant plants to contend with.