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9 Home Gaming Setups Better Than Yours

March 18, 2008


Now, I admit not all of these are completely arcade related, but these gaming rooms have to be seen to be believed. Personally the ones that look like luxury cinemas don’t do it for me, but the ones that look like they’ve been put together buy true gamers are amazing. One of these we’ve seen before of course and be sure to check out the video at the bottom.

[9 Home Gaming Setups Better Than Yours] via Geek About

Another retro home arcade cabinet

March 5, 2008


There must be the demand out there because there seems to be an endless amount of these types of cabinet being produced. I pretty sure I haven’t covered this one before, apologies if I have. Spotted this one over at Retro Thing who have a nice little theory that these things practically pay for themselves.

[Cosmic MultiGame Cabinet – Retro Thing]

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Forbes – Arcade Games Make A Comeback

March 4, 2008


This was spotted by the guys over at Barcade. Forbes has recently posted an article about the popularity of people buying old school arcade cabinets for thier home. I’m sure you’ll all agree; we would all have a collection of retro arcade games in our home if we could, right?

[Forbes – Arcade Games Make A Comeback]

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New acquisition – Crystal Castles

January 17, 2008


Last night I picked up the 11th game in my collection, Atari’s Crystal Castles and for only $400 it was a good deal that I couldn’t pass up. I found this one on Craigslist and I am quite pleased with it as overall the cabinet is in pristine condition. The trackball is rather dirty but that can be cleaned up with ease. There is some screen burn-incryscast1.jpg and the monitor seems to be touchy with the cold (it’s discolored at first if it’s cold which is strange). This will certainly be used in my arcade and I think that it should do ok as it’s quite a fun game. Here’s a couple of pics – I apologize that they aren’t very good – I have no more space and I had to put it facing another game so I couldn’t get a full shot of the cabinet (and on top of that the flash on my camera wouldn’t work).

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Dream Arcades launches their DreamCade Vision 120

November 27, 2007


Hot on the heels of the Voyager Arcade news comes this press release about Dream Arcades’ new DreamCade Vision 120 which packs 145 classic games onto a MAME PC along with a pre-built control panel that also includes a projector that produces a 120″ screen and includes hookups for your favorite game console as well (they go out of their way to mention that it includes special support for the Wii, including a sensor bar). Seeingkids.jpg how this unit is intended solely for home use, it’s safe to say that they probably don’t have to worry about any lawsuits coming their way. The Dreamcade Vision 120 is selling for a mere $4000 and will begin shipping in 4 weeks. Photoshopped Christmas tree not included (see pic to the left) 😛

Personally I’d like to see these entrepreneurs take the incentive to go to the next level with these ideas and get someone to create some original content for their cabinets that they could resell to operators. That or work out a deal with Microsoft to bring certain titles that show up on XBLA to a real cabinet that anyone could play at an arcade.

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November 20, 2007


Eat or play games? One of life’s many tough decisions. Now thanks to this creation, that problem is solved!

Unfortunately this is a one off and not for sale. 😦

[via Boing Boing]

Eric sez, “I shamelessly submit for your inspection my cocktail MAME cabinet hidden inside an IKEA dinner table. Having my own cocktail MAME cabinet has spared my liver continuing harm caused by playing Ms. Pacman in its ‘natural habitat,’ the Golden Gopher.”

This IKEA dinner table is expandable; it slides apart and more leaves can be inserted. When closed, it functions as a “dinner table” (that is, a place to pile my crap (temporarily relocated to the floor nearby)). It can be opened to reveal a sit-down MAME cabinet.

The display is a 15″ LCD I got on sale. The controls are all from Happ Controls, and they’re wired to an Ultimarc I-PAC . The surfaces are lasercut acrylic. Carpentry of varying quality holds everything to the existing table frame.

You can play any game on the MAME cabinet; some cooperate better than others on a sit-down style cabinet. I play Ms. Pacman exclusively, which hasn’t yet translated into a better score.

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Eurogamer & Gremlin Voyager Giveaway

November 7, 2007

'' Screenshot machine

For those of you out there who want a bit of arcade action in your home but don’t have dosh to live the dream. Then head over to Eurogamer as they are running a competition, in conjunction with Gremlin, where you can win this super fabulous Voyager Cabinet. All of this is to celebrate Eurogamer’s new dedicated coverage on the retro gaming scene, of which two articles have already been posted about retro arcade gaming. One piece covers the classic retro arcade games and the other is a look back at Coin-Op in it’s heyday.

[via Eurogamer]

We bet if you tried to think of two things your parents wouldn’t let you have when you were younger you’d come up with an arcade machine and a gremlin. They were too big and expensive or weren’t real – red herrings you couldn’t argue against with an incomplete brain. But now we’ve picked the wool out of our eyes we can see it was all a charade and our anger is palpable.

But slow down there, the wonderfully named Gremlin Solutions has got a, er, solution. It’s going to team up with our freshly launched retro channel on Eurogamer to give away none other than a fully-grown Voyager Arcade Machine worth over a thousand pounds! Not only does it look the business, it plays some of the world’s most famous videogames too.

It has all sorts of titles you will remember from yesteryear, and you can even request oldies to be converted if they aren’t already there. Make sure you fill your retro-mug with the entire list and other information on Gremlin’s website, as well as fill-up on all sorts of other facts like tips on how to keep your machine clean and presentable without electrocuting yourself.

Finally your childhood yearnings can be sated. All you have to do win is pop your shell-suit on and answer our easy question below. Good luck.

Q: How heavy is the Voyager cab?

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