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London Preview 08 Part 3 – Stinger looks at GlobalVR, Taito and IT

October 12, 2007

For our final piece of coverage on the London 08 preview (again thanks to The Stinger Report for the news and pictures), we look at what GlobalVR, Taito and IT had to show off at the event.

GlobalVR – GVR was represented by their European distributor Cosmic Video Amusement. Here was a first look at GVR’s EA NASCAR Racing. The deluxe cabinet was at the show and provided “intense and compelling graphics and action.” Nascar will go on test in the UK soon, with special featuers such as “drafting”, making for a great two-player racing title.

08prev5.JPG 08prev16.JPG

America’s Army was also available, we posted impressions on the game recently and Stinger reports that the game provides a “unique experience that could be placed in bars as well as conventional amusement locations.”


Aliens : Extermination Deluxe and Paradise Lost were also at the show and both games have proved to be popular games in the market. With recent price reductions on all GVR games, the company has caused a stir in the amusement industry .


Taito -Being represented by distributor Electrocoin, Taito was represented on the floor with their latest racer, Chase HQ 2. For the first time the deluxe cabinet was shown, along with two other versions of the game. It looks great and offers something a little different as well.


Incredible Technologies – Electrocoin alsohad some games on hand from IT, including Silver Strike Bowling , Golden Tee Live 2008 and the aptly named ‘Bags‘ game.


Also from the Stinger:

The event boded well for ATEI in January, though there is expected to be some more big surprise with Tekken 6, a brand new racing game and a selection of hardcore titles from Konami (absent from Preview this year). For more detail on what was at Preview we would recommend reading our The Stinger Report coverage at the end of the month.

We’ll be sure to cover that as well.

Our thoughts – It looks like 2008 is shaping up to be a good year for arcades as well although it is concerning about the genre crowding that is occurring. Games like Primeval Hunt look like a good start (as was 2Spicy, which seems as though it won’t appear here in the States), as does that Panzer Simulator game. But for the industry to continue its stride and to become more competitive against the console market, we’ll need more new ideas of experiences that just aren’t as fun at home – while maintaining reasonable prices of course. Thanks again to The Stinger Report for the coverage.

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Game Reviews

June 11, 2007

Target Toss Pro Bags, Paradise Lost, Funky Monkey, Mario Kart Arcade GP 2,  Ghost Squad Evolution, Jett Rider and Global Arcade Classics have now been reviewed over at So for those of you out there who have not been lucky enough to play these games you can now at least get a good idea of what they are like.

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Paradise Lost Officially Released

May 1, 2007

“GLOBAL VR® today announced that it is beginning to ship production units of the highly anticipated “super-shooter,” Paradise Lost. Paradise Lost is inspired by Ubisoft’s hit game Far Cry Instincts®. Providing a completely new gaming experience, one which is designed with the arcade industry in mind, Paradise Lost takes players to a tropical island paradise gone awry. Lush tropical forests and sandy beaches belie the danger that awaits players as they move through a fantasy world of non-stop action.When asked for comment about the game Jeff Shotwell, Paradise Lost Producer, said, “The development of this game was truly a collaborative effort. We have gone the extra mile to make sure that Paradise Lost is clearly differentiated from all other games in the location and offers an experience like none other!” He went on to point out that Paradise Lost is one of the few games ever manufactured that offers players a sit-down shooting experience; what GLOBAL VR refers to as a super-deluxe cabinet. “This is a game people are not going to simply walk by. Its compelling design and outstanding graphics entice players to stop and play!”

Game play elements include 2 player cooperative-action, 50 missions on 5 stunning maps, and a variety of weapons. When combined with force feed-back guns with solenoid action and a 52” rear projection LCD this sit-down super-deluxe shooter provides a totally unique gaming experience.

First seen in London at the ATEi Show January 2007, Paradise Lost was introduced to the domestic market at last month’s ASI show where, many industry pundits agreed, Paradise Lost may just be a paradise found!”

Ignoring the hype/spin factor, this game may do pretty well since it closely follows the Far Cry universe (despite dumping the Far Cry name from the title). Either way big cabinets attract a lot of attention but they demand a lot of cash from arcade operators so it may be a little while before the game shows up at smaller arcades .

Via Coinoptoday

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FarCry Paradise Lost Pictures & Info

March 7, 2007

Just discovered over at Global VR that they have put FarCry Lost Paradise up on the site. It includes details of the game and some shiny screenshots too. Interestingly they seem to have dropped FarCry from the title. They don’t use the name on the website and the same goes for the cabinet itself. Strange because it’s a pretty big licence to have attached to the game and it would be a shame not to use it.

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Farcry Lost Paradise & Global VR Video

January 31, 2007

Check out my video of the new Farcry arcade game and the Global VR stand from ATEI 2007.

Global VR @ ATEI 2007

January 26, 2007



First up we have Global VR. The game from their stand that took me most by surprise was “Farcry Lost Paradise” In short this is the Xbox first person shooter converted into a light-gun game. I liked the cabinet style having each player sitting next to each other at slight angels. It has fixed gun turrets and ithas pretty simple game play, where by the bad guys charge out and you shoot them down with your machine gun, then you move on to the next area. Throw in some power ups like grenades and armour and you have yourself a good fun game that’s not to bad on the eyes. Other games on the VR stand were Need for Speed, Alien Extermination, Ultra Pin and Dessert Gunner (yet another attempt at virtual reality, although with a company name like Global VR I guess they’re obliged to give it a go).