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DDR:X making an appearance at ATEI 09

January 17, 2009




The ATEI 09 news continues to trickle in, now with news on Konami’s DDR:X machine. According to the press release, the game is slated for a world-wide release in “Spring/Summer 2009” and include the largest track list for a DDR game ever with 350 songs. It also has been testing very well, despite having incomplete software. Expect to see more on this with our ATEI coverage next week and of course if any of you get a chance to play it at the show, leave some comments here on what your thoughts are about the game. Hit the post break for the press release.


Konami Japan launches DDR:X website

December 18, 2008


The next installment of DDR is coming soon to arcades and with it, websites promoting the game. Konami Japan has upgraded it’s DDR:X site from the teaser with a little bit more info (in Japanese) on the game. There really isn’t much to look at right now but they still have several sections to unlock which I am sure will include more tiny screenshots. 🙂 I believe that we will see more of DDR:X at ATEI and who knows, maybe even AMOA/ASI.

Hit the link below to check it out.

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Dance Dance Revolution X USA location test report

September 18, 2008

A few days ago I posted a location test report from one of our readers, Phil Arrington who got a chance to check out two Konami games on test in California. We already did UBeat and now it’s time for the latest DDR, DDR:X. While Phil wasn’t as thrilled by DDRX as he was by UBeat, it sounds like the game will do well where it shows up. There’s a new cabinet design that also includes an LCD screen, new graphics, characters, music, pads (they seem most similar to ITG), shock arrows, and a new announcer. It sounds like the announcer is quite annoying and whether the fans will take to it remains to be seen (also whether they will keep the announcer since the game is still in development).

For the full rundown, check out Phil’s post on the forums.

Old DDR tournament photos from Jared Rea

September 5, 2008

Ah there’s nothing quite like an arcade competition, is there? Especially when it’s with something popular, like DDR. Jared Rea has unearthed some old DDR tournament pictures from Northern California, circa 1999-2001. It’s always fun to look back at this sort of stuff and for the full set click here.

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More DDRX details

August 4, 2008 has some extra details on Konami’s latest entry in the DDR series, DDRX. Some features the game will include are an eAmusement card reader it also has USB ports and a dial not unlike what you find on an iPod. The combo system works similar to DDR ITG2 and of course the game looks great. On top of this US players may get a chance to check out the game on location test if the rumor holds true that the game will see a test at the Brunswick Zone of Napperville, IL.

We’ll keep you posted as we find out more.

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Dance Dance Revolution X

July 10, 2008

[via Arcade Renaissance]

(Not to be  confused with a dancing version of “Revolution X”) Konami have just put up a teaser site for thier upcoming new DDR which coincides with the game’s 1o year anniversary. Aptly called Dance Dance Revolution X, there is no other information as of yet, but judging by the silhouette picture of the cabinet it looks like it’s getting a bit of a redesign. Also there is another teaser site for the Playstation 2 version of the game, which also doesn’t give much away.

[DDR X Arcade Site]    [DDR X Playstation 2 Site]

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DDR for Seniors?

July 7, 2008

And why the hell not!

As the Wii has shown, gaming doesn’t have to just be for the younger generation and this seems like one of those obvious ideas that no one has ever thought of. Surely the mechanics of the game would be kept the same, just change the music to suite the audience. Foxtrot anyone?

In this session from the recent Games for Health conference, Jeff Pepper, President and CEO of Touchtown, discussed his company’s work in creating Dancetown – a PC-based dance game specifically aimed at older players and retirement homes, to give players regular exercise and reduce the risk of falling.

Touchtown is a 9-year old company out of Pittsburgh that was originally not a game company, but provided digital signage and TV to retirement homes. Two years ago, Pepper’s daughter came home with Dance Dance Revolution and he “got hooked”.

His daughter said ‘Wouldn’t it be great if your customers could do this?’ But it seemed too hard for seniors, and Pepper thought “there’s no way our customers would actually use this.”

However, after an investment of 18 months on a study, with a team of over 40 people, five retirement homes on an advisory board, and the CMU Entertainment Technology Group helping out, he discovered that dance provides benefits over plain exercise.

Head to GameSetWatch to read the entire article. 

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Konami launches official Dance Dance Revolution community

June 20, 2008

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Dance Dance Revolution series (known as Dancing Stage in Europe), Konami has launched an official community portal for the site. It is extremely comprehensive, featuring an official Konami blog, as well as player and clan rankings, player videos, a forum, a listing of events and tournaments and for Xbox owners, the facility to link your Xbox Live gamertag. The site also has an arcade location database in the works, though it currently redirects to a “Coming Soon” page. It’s excellent to see Konami supporting the community of players that has grown up around the DDR series, and giving recognition to the arcade environment which suits the performance-based nature of the game perfectly. We hope to see more sites like this in the future!

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DDR Cosplay Fun

August 29, 2007

Now if only I lived in Rothschild, I could dig out one of my DDR costumes!

[via Barcade]


Livewire Fun Center in Rothschild, WI is having a few DDR events worth mentioning this upcoming week. August 31st – September 1st, 7 PM until 11 PM each night, they are having a DDR Cosplay Weekend. Dress up as your favorite DDR character and you’ll be rewarded a FREE PLAY. More prizes will be awarded to the best of the group. The Official DDR Challenge starts on Thursday, September 6th from 5 PM until 10 PM. Show off your best moves on DDR SuperNOVA for prizes, such as iTunes gift cards, movie passes and other prizes for registered participants and event winners. It will be a bracket elimination-no safety bar use and the winner(s) will be based on player overall highest score. It’s nly $10 to enter.

Pre-registration required!

Livewire Fun Center 10101 Market Street, Suite D-10 Rothschild, WI 54474 (at Cedar Creek Mall – I-39 at Exit 185, adjacent to Cedar Creek Cinemas)

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DDR Supernova 2 Website open

August 16, 2007


[Via Arcade Renaissance]

Konami is gearing up for the next (10th) installment of DDR in both Japan and overseas and to prove it, the official website is now open.  At the moment there is little to look at however as the only links that work are the News and How to Play buttons. I imagine that it will see more here soon although I admit that it’s hard to get excited about a game that has seen 10 installments in the past 9 or 10 years. Not only that but a console version (PS2) will be out around the time the arcade version starts to trickle its way out to arcades. This would probably be less of an issue for arcade operators if Konami didn’t overcharge them for a title that will certainly loose some of its audience to the home version.

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