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New arcade releases this week: Nirin and Dance Dance Revolution X

May 21, 2009

My local distributor tells me that two new games are now shipping out to various distributors and thus will be showing up at different locations around the country within the next few weeks.

First off, Nirin by Namco. I got a chance to play this at ASI and it was cool – the graphics are really good and the cabinet is very attractive. It’s a little bit more technical than a motorcycle racer like Super Bikes. As a small operator I really don’t care for the price which is around $10k per unit (it varies by distributor) but at least it’s arcade exclusive and even if it was released to console they can never compete with the feel of the game with it’s controller. We will also have to wait and see now what Namco will do for arcades throughout the rest of the year, so far Razing Storm and Nirin are the only two titles that we know about for sure that Namco is bringing to the US for the moment, hopefully they will give us more than two games this year.

Here’s a video that Namco Bandai has posted of the game in case you have missed it and here’s a page announcing the release of the game:

Next up, the latest game in the long line of the DDR series which is also celebrating 10 years of DDR gaming, Konami’s DDR:X is also now available. They’ve added an SD card feature so players can create their own dance steps and upload them to the game, shock arrows and a huge list of songs. At ASI I was told DDRX would sell for a little less than $10k (as always, distributor prices vary) which is a nice change from having DDR games come around for $13k-$14k.

UPDATE: I fixed the video, sorry about that. Also Betson let Bemanistyle know that DDR:X will begin shipping in June – for some reason my local distributor had said that DDRX was shipping already and they usually are accurate about that so I apologize for the confusion. either way Nirin is defenitely shipping out to distributors and next week H2Overdrive will be shipping according to my information (which I am checking up on with Raw Thrills).

One more update: It looks like my distributor wasn’t the only one who thought that this was shipping this week, BMI Gaming also has listed the game as “Now Shipping”

DDRX location test report

July 17, 2008

(Image via MIYA the attic. The identities of the players will not be televised :P)

Konami’s latest entry into the DDR series, Dance Dance Revolution X is currently on location test in Japan and one Japanese website has details on the game from one location. Naturally the translation isn’t perfect but if you’re looking for anything on the new DDR, it’s a good place to get started.

[DDRX location test report]

I also found a trailer for DDRX, that was actually posted back in May. I hate it when we’re behind on these but it’s better late than never, right?

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The unofficial Frogger DDR game

July 16, 2008

I’m not sure who the owner of Frogger is right now, if it’s Konami or someone else but this would be a great idea for a new DDR game. At the Newport Aquarium in northern Kentucky, USA they have a modified set of DDR pads connected to a 3D Frogger game that anyone can walk up and play with. I’m not sure if the Frogger game is one that was designed just for this exhibit or if they are using the first 3D version of Frogger that Hasbro released roughly 10 years ago (from the snapshot the 3D graphics are pretty basic). From the source it sounds like it plays pretty well and a lot of people still hold a great affection for the arcade’s best known green character so a new game like this would probably do pretty well as an official release.

[Via Ars Technica] [Discuss on the Forum]

Konami launches official Dance Dance Revolution community

June 20, 2008

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Dance Dance Revolution series (known as Dancing Stage in Europe), Konami has launched an official community portal for the site. It is extremely comprehensive, featuring an official Konami blog, as well as player and clan rankings, player videos, a forum, a listing of events and tournaments and for Xbox owners, the facility to link your Xbox Live gamertag. The site also has an arcade location database in the works, though it currently redirects to a “Coming Soon” page. It’s excellent to see Konami supporting the community of players that has grown up around the DDR series, and giving recognition to the arcade environment which suits the performance-based nature of the game perfectly. We hope to see more sites like this in the future!

[DDR Online Community] [Discuss on the Forum]

Dance Dance Evolution ware

March 20, 2008


If you’re in the market for arcade related shirts, it can be tough to find something that isn’t related to classic hits like Pac-Man or Space Invaders. So these T-shirts for men and women are great if you’d like to broadcast your passion for DDR (or in this case, DDE) with these Dance Dance Evolution shirts by TorsoPants. They come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors to cover everyone’s taste. Click on the thumbnails below for a look at some of the shirts.


men1.jpg men2.jpg men3.jpg men4.jpg


women1.jpg women2.jpg women3.jpg women4.jpg

This reminds me about a design I have for a Big Buck Hunter related T-Shirt, which I might be getting printed before too long.

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Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2 Location Test video

August 1, 2007

Here is a video of DDR SuperNova 2 on location test on YouTube. Enjoy!

[Thanks to Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report for the tip] [Discuss on the Forum]

Updates at Coinopexpress, DDR and Battle Fantasia

July 12, 2007


The always interesting and popular distributor Coinopexpress has updated their website with a few new additions. First they have added Konami’s next DDR installment known as Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2 as a cab and a kit to their website with a tentative release date of 8/31. No price has been announced yet.

They also are running a promotion for Taito’s Battle Fantasia which I was not aware of it’s release; I thought it was still going through testing. They have 10 kits available for a special price of $1780 USD although you would probably want to have Taito’s new HD cabinet that these are being showcased with in Japan, but I assume that it will work with a regular SD monitor.

[Coinopexpress] [Discuss on the Forum]