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Robots conquer crane machines thanks to Robo Catcher

May 25, 2009


In Japan it seems that the crane machine is both an art and a science and it never ceases to amaze me as to what companies cook up for cranes there. I am a big fan of integrating robotics into the arcade scene and this latest “crane” machine does just that. Called Robo Catcher, the player controls a robot inside of the booth and they attempt to grab the prizes at the bottom using the robots arms. It’s a pretty cool concept and to do the idea justice, here is a video of Robo Catcher in action.


Ice cream crane game

July 17, 2008

Now if the good old British summer would sort itself out, this new crane could do well!

[via Highway Games]
(Image provided by The Stinger Report)

Atlus has developed the first ever crane machine designed to contain ice cream prizes. The machine, Triple Catcher Ice -25C, uses the latest freezing technology to maintain a temperature of -25C to ensure that the ice cream remains solid enough to avoid harm from play.

The machine can be played by four people at once, with four separate areas where the ice cream prizes are held.

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Kid gets stuck inside a crane machine

April 19, 2008

I’ve seen pictures of this sort of thing happening before but this kid seems a little larger than others I’ve seen crawl into these things. Who knows, maybe the person recording the whole thing put the kid in there in the first place although that would be hard to pull off in a public place like this but these days where people are willing to do anything to get something on the internet for views and fame you never know. Either way the kid didn’t look to happy to have got himself stuck inside.

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New Crane concept – Robo Crane

August 13, 2007


[Via Kevin Williams @ The Stinger Report]

Toy cranes haven’t changed much over the years but as of late they have been seeing some hard competition from the likes of Stacker titles.  In Japan they have come up with a new concept for cranes called the RoboCrane. Players steer a robot around to collect their prizes which leads to a different feel and degree of control over traditional cranes. It is an interesting concept and is currently being tested in Japanese arcade venues.


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