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Early/rough SFIV arcade to console comparison

October 10, 2008

At the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom is proudly demonstrating the latest betas of SFIV on the PS3 and Xbox 360 – which has led to questions about what differences there will be between the versions. Comments have been raised about the backgrounds and frame rate yet again – with the arcade version coming out on top. Of course the console versions are still in a beta state so it remains to be seen what will happen there and at this point it still isn’t clear how well the vs. online support will stack up on the console versions. Also provided to us by The Stinger Report are screenshots of each version so far. Naturally one can’t see the frame rate difference but it’s still a decent guideline to go off of for now:


Xbox 360


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Xbox 360 kiosks brought to hospitals with pre-loaded games; coin-op version next?

May 6, 2008

Ever since Microsoft revealed the term “Xbox Live Arcade” along with the concept that has included original content along with remade classic arcade titles, people have thought of bringing the Xbox 360 into the arcade. While one might wonder the value in such a thing, it’s good advertising for Microsoft, it would advertise XBLA games giving people a chance to play the full versions at the arcade, thus seeing if the game is worth it beyond the demo and it’s not bad for arcades either which would have a platform for constant new content. One notable reference was the Fragisle platform that was demonstrated to distributors but has since disappeared.

Now Microsoft has revealed a specialized Xbox 360 kiosk that has been created for children’s hospitals across the US. It is connected to a specialized version of Xbox Live that has been created specifically for the kiosks and essentially keeps the kids separate from the standard XBL network (which sometimes isn’t very kid friendly). Says the source:

The customized and hospital-friendly Xbox 360 kiosks are pre-loaded with a variety of E and E10+ rated games, Y-rated television programs, G-rated movies, as well as Xbox LIVE Headset and LIVE Vision Camera capabilities, which enable patients to communicate over a dedicated Xbox LIVE network.

There also is this: a website dedicated to the”Xbox Arcade Machine“. One needs a password to get anywhere but you have to wonder, is this the next step, say an official Xbox Arcade machine??

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Is it a console? Is it arcade? Is it legal?

October 8, 2007


Now this is interesting, not necessarily because of what it is, but what this would mean if this kind of set-up was OK’d. Check out the video and read on for a run down of the machine. Also head to the Console Planet website for more info.

Personally I don’t see the appeal of putting £1 in a machine to play a game I have at home. At least with real arcade games you are getting an experience you can’t get at home; proper lightguns, proper steering wheels, and motion bases for example.

Also The Stinger Report has a big feature about the legality of this technology.

“FragIsle has patents pending on several technologies around the arcade style of console gaming which drive additional revenue through the cashbox, and beyond. Where arcades have had dramatic pains associated with console or in home gaming devices, we have embraced them and developed entertainment specific to the genre and social demands of a console gamer.

Featuring a high definition 42″ LCD screen in 16:9 aspect ratio is a requirement, and bundling with a premium sound system drives to the pulse of the console gamer. We also embrace their desired method of playing games with the standard game controllers. Sure, an arcade solution would seem to be better suited to joysticks, trackballs, and buttons. But one doesn’t need to look to far to see where this change had been attempted with limited success.

We further the experience by including a touch screen monitor to activate game play. However, this touch screen is much more active than just pushing a player button. Based upon Console Planet connected to the internet, this is the central location for maximizing the value to the customer, the location, and the operator. Those familiar with Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo, may be aware of the large segment of competitive gaming or tournaments. FragIsle utilizes the touch screen as a player interface to participate in online game play, and a central location for tournament registration, payment, and recording of standings.”

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SEGA Rally Demo on XBox Live!!!!

September 19, 2007


Just spotted on Major Nelson Blog that the demo for SEGA Rally is now available on XBox live……downloading now…………2% complete…………………..Grrrrr…………must….. get…… faster….. Internet……. connection!!!


Well worth the wait. Only single player, two cars (Subaru Impreza & Mitsubushi Evolution) and two tracks but I’m hooked, It has a great arcade look and feel and the track deformation thing really works well. Very sad to hear from The Stinger Report that it does not look like there will be an arcade version.

Released in Europe on the 28th September gonna have to order this now, can’t wait!! Can anyone tell me if the Microsoft Wireless 360 Steering Wheel is any good? I think I am going to need it .

More at Sega Europe’s Rally Site

HardCore Gamer Vol. 3 Issue 2 out, arcade preview The Act

July 26, 2007


Hardcore Gamer 26 is out and this month I cover the upcoming and innovative arcade title The Act. If you’re interested in other things than arcade games, they have plenty of that too. 😛 The cover features the new Stranglehold byMidway and they also have other articles that interest me, such as Metroid Prime 3 info. Arcade Heroes is even mentioned (once again) in this issue. Either way I was very happy with the look of The Act article (I only do the writing and gather pictures, I don’t do the layout) and if you want to check it out, head out to the store and buy a hard copy or hit the download link (it’s a pdf file) below and goto page 67.

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Arcade Games in Your Hands – Part I – Atari Lynx

June 26, 2007

Ever since Space Invaders first came out for the Atari 2600, popular arcade games have found their way to virtually every game console on the market. As such itlynx.jpg creates an interesting look at the transition from arcade to console. It is without question that the arcade versions of the games themselves are superior – whether graphically or audibly or even with the way it controls. Naturally modern systems are able to recreate classic games without any trouble but we still enjoy the games on the original hardware anyways.

As it is special week marking the anniversary of Atari as well as arcades, I want to take a look at arcade classics brought to the handheld scene, specifically we’ll start with the Atari Lynx, undoubtedly the most powerful handheld of the 80’s and 90’s. Atari sought to bring the arcade experience to the palm of your hand and with the Lynx’ great hardware, it did it almost without a flaw. The Lynx was the first color 16-bit handheld which offered great graphics, sound, ambidextrous control and good networking options (generally referred to as ComLynx or ComLynxing). Let’s take a look at some of the arcade titles ported over to it.

Keep in mind I’m not looking to review the games overall, just look at how well they were ported over. Arcade screenshots courtesy of KLOV; Atari Lynx screenshots courtesy of AtariAge. PLEASE NOTE: Screenshots from these sources are generally taken from emulators as capturing good screenshots otherwise is somewhat difficult. As such the actual games up close and in motion look much better than the screenshots shown and they are only used as a general representaion (Lynx games generally appear less pixellated in real life than they do in the following shots). Arcade shots are on the right and Lynx shots on the left. Also stay tuned in the future for a look at arcade titles on other handheld systems including the Game Boy and Game Gear. Just hit the link below to begin!


HardCore Gamer 25 out; arcade review, Let's Go Jungle

June 22, 2007


This months issue contains a review of Let’s Go Jungle(page 66), among other video game related stuff(you know, consoles). The free file download is 49 MB in size or you can go out and purchase a hard copy which is a little easier to handle. It also lists the Arcade Heroes website which I believe is a first and that should be standard here on out. Watch out for next month – I have a preview of The Act ready for that issue and soon I hope to cover some other stuff that hasn’t been seen in game magazines for years – pins anyone?

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