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Brain Age Arcade?

June 28, 2007


Brain Age is a pretty popular title for the Nintendo DS handheld and it is now available for the Nintendo Wii(as Big Brain Academy). So how would an arcade version sound? It looks like Namco Bandai games is planning just that as there is a webpage to be found on their site complete with pictures of a Brain Age-like game along with the arcade cabinets. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that this is being developed by Namco/Bandai as they are also responsible for both Mario Kart Arcade games (I just wish they would restart StarFox Arcade).

I imagine that if this were planned for something outside of Japan we would have heard of it by now so for the time being it looks like another Japan-only title but it’s interesting to see how they are taking the concept into the coin-op venue. Check out the ‘game’ pictures after the post break.

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