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The Stinger Report looks at ASI 2008 (part 1)

March 29, 2008

ASI ends today and with it of course we have updates from what has happened at the show. First, here is a look at the show from The Stinger Report’s point of view, then I’ll go on in the next post or two describing my experience.

ASI opened to a greatly reduced show floor and major departures from leading corporations as Namco and Sega see executives move on.

Sega had a vastly reduced presence with only two videos to show: RaceTV’s latest build with password, and Primeval Hunt. The latest software release for both – and that was it! Their booth was hard to find off the show floor with no large banners up for display to help attendees locate them.

Namco also had a limited video showing, with no new releases – redemption reigning kingasimain2.jpg on their booth. The operation spoke off the record with The Stinger
Report about the Tekken 6 situation (not shown) and promised an official statement at the end of the show.

Global VR was a example of good video presence, with a large network
line-up of NASCAR, and the new Blazing Angels WWII flyer all getting major coverage in the video desert of the show.

Betson / Raw Thrills another major video winner – crowds flocking to blast the wild animals of Africa on Big Buck Safari – along with the launch of the kit from DRIFT, Raw Thrills rocked the show. Betson did confirm that they were still supporting Konami with one Dance Dance SuperNova2 machine on booth hidden away to one corner.

Andamiro had their latest Pump It Up Pro, and a new screen basher game (more to come on that later).

Finally in this brief run down of the video on the show floor TrioTech had their UFO Stomper, showing off the latest of the mini-games and drawing happy crowds to the physical stomper action.

Big anticipation to the public four hour session on Saturday, rumors thick on what can be expected.

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Konami ATEi 2008 Videos: Wacky Races, Guitar Freaks V4 & Drummania V4

January 23, 2008

[Have now added Guitar Freaks & Drummania V4 videos submitted by  You Tube user “bigaloo”]

Guitar Freaks V4

Drummania V4

Wacky Races

Now this one confused me. The game is made by Gamewax and Banpresto (Banpresto is owned by Namco, well that’s what I thought ?). However Wacky Races was on the Konami stand as well as 3 other distributors stands? Either way Wacky Races was at the show and it was good fun. Some of you may remember that I played this a few months ago when I found it at the Trocadero on secret location test. You can watch that video here.

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Wacky Races to be at ATEI

January 14, 2008

While we weren’t sure about it at first, The Stinger Report confirms that Wacky Races will be at ATEI this year at booths U2240 and U2110. And also thanks to TSR we have the flyer for this game, click on the thumbnail to see the full thing along with a nice look at the cabinet. Just that in itself should can the attention of a lot of people.


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Location Test Video: Wacky Races

December 2, 2007

As promised…..

I’ll have to apologize for the shakiness of the video. This is not down to me being on a bender last night, more to do with the fact that I was on my own so I had to play the game and film and not get caught doing so. Funland is a bit funny about people taking pictures, so I had to be discrete.

As I said in my previous post the game has been made by Gamewax and Banpresto. The cabinet also had the Warner Bros. logo on it which is obviously down to the Wacky Races license.As far as I know this is the first showing of the game, it’s strange that Wacky Races has not made an appearance at any of the recent shows. I suppose it was not in a showable state or they wanted to get some income figures and player feedback before showing it to the trade.

The only things that seem to be missing from the game were two of the tracks. The whole cast of Wacky Races seemed to be there, as well as the sound affects and one-liners from the cartoon. As you can see for yourself in the pictures the cabinets got some nice touches; the seat is modeled on Dastardly and Muttley’s car for instance.

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Wacky Races On Secret Location Test At London Trocadero

December 2, 2007


Received a great tip yesterday from site reader Jimmy Beech. Read on….

Yo arcade dudes!

Thought you’d wanna know that I saw a new racing game at Funland today, some guy there said it was on secret testing and it was Wacky Races. You know with Dasterdly and Muttley and it looks pretty cool. I was going to get you a photo with my phone but a guy told me I couldn’t take photos. Dunno how long its going to be there so maybe you wanna check it out.

Well you’d be right there Jimmy, so I did.

Check out the photos I managed to grab below and above. The game is by Gamewax and Banpresto. For for those of you who don’t know, Banpresto are owned by Namco Bandai. Stayed tuned because I managed to snag about 10mins of video too! Impressions of the game in the next post as well. Enjoy

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Mobile Suit Gundam Vs. Gundam kit

November 2, 2007


In Japan there are no shortage of Gundam themed games and that is a trend that is reflected even more by Japan’s arcade scene with the likes of thos awesome dome shaped cabinets and the Gundam games inside. In March 2008 another Gundam game makes it’s way to arcades, known as “Mobile Suit Gundam VS. Gundam” and a kit for the game will be available at that time. Coinopexpress has posted information about the kit so at this point we simply have to wait. It is unlikely that any distributors outside Japan will pick up this game but you can always hope.

Speaking of this game, it appears their site has been updated with new screenshots, which is always a bonus for Gundam players that want to check this game out.

[Gundam VS Gundam Website

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Mobile Suit GUNDAM – Spirit of Zeon ADVANCE

July 3, 2007

For now I would chalk this up to another Japan-only release (until we hear differently of course). The appearance of the cabinet looks like a stylized version of the Time Crisis 4 SD cabinet, with the addition of the machine guns. It is a light-gun game and it doesn’t look too bad but it would be cool to see them bring this outside of Japan as I’m sure there are enough fans that would really enjoy the game. It’s always fun to blow up giant robots!

Spirit of Zeon does have an official teaser site but it reveals nothing about the game. Perhaps it will before too long, I just hate these teaser sites that give us nothing. To make up for it here are a few pics I found on Dengeki Online(click to enlarge). UPDATE: Fixed the name of the game as it wasn’t ‘Spirits” but ‘Spirit. Also I need to point out that this is a Banpresto game with this title being a sequel to the GUNDAM game launched last year. The gun used on this cabinet uses an unusual multi-button system which looks to give the game a little more depth than simply pointing and shooting.

zeon1.jpg zeon02.jpg

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