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Win a copy of Arcade Mania by creating your own Kotaku Arcade

December 11, 2008


Gaming blog site Kotaku is running a contest to see what users can come up with the best arcade diorama (made up of paper, toys, etc.) of a ‘Kotaku Arcade’. The prize – a copy of the new book, Arcade Mania (click here for details on that in case you missed it).Once you make it, take a picture and send it to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom and they’ll pick out the top three as the winners. The dioramas have to say “Kotaku” and “Arcade Mania” somewhere on them.

I actually have some paper arcades already laying around so this would be a cinch to put together but I’m already supposed to be getting Arcade Mania in the mail sometime. If any of you send one in, send us a pic to so we can see your handiwork. 🙂

[Arcade Mania Contest: The KotakuKade] [Discuss on the Forum]

A new site for helping you find an arcade near you: Arcade Fly

September 22, 2008

A new website dedicated to helping players find arcades near them as well as see what games are there and connect with other players is now available to the public. Known as Arcade Fly, they have already assembled a large amount of information on arcades and games to be found in not just the US but around the world and they have a system setup where players can connect with each other as well. The site will show you which arcades are most popular on the site as well as which games most people are looking at (which at the moment is surprisingly Zero Gunner 2 – most others are bemani titles and of course SFIV is on there). And what’s really cool is when you register and check out the maps, it automatically finds many arcades in your area. Head on over and check it out!

BTW- The site allows anyone to add arcades to the site along with what games are there so it can expand further. It’s a fairly easy process to add locations to the mix so it is a work-in-progress site but so far I like what I see there.

[Arcade Fly] [Discuss on the Forums]

R-Tuned website update

July 27, 2008

Sega has updated the official Japanese website for R-Tuned: Ultimate Street Racing, adding some screenshots, a couple of short video clips and information on how the game is played. Amusingly, the cabinet lighting changes through seven colours according to what is happening on screen and the bass beat. The game features 16 courses, set in the Shibuya and Shinjuku districts of Tokyo as well as Hong Kong and New York, which have apparently been accurately reproduced. The game appears to be quite heavy on drifting and boosting and looks to have captured the sensation of speed well, but the screenshots suggest that each race is contested by just four cars. The game features a cameo from Sonic the Hedgehog, with the spiky blue bushpig appearing on the livery of a particular car.

All very good, of course, but I’m hankering after a Rambo website update. After all, we’ve been talking about it for what seems like an age now, and it’s been two months since I went and played the thing at a location test! But no, infuriatingly the site remains nothing more than a “coming soon” message. Anyhow, enough of my ranting – you should check the R-Tuned site out for yourselves, which you can do at the link below.

[R-Tuned official website] [Discuss on the Forum]

Konami launches official Dance Dance Revolution community

June 20, 2008

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Dance Dance Revolution series (known as Dancing Stage in Europe), Konami has launched an official community portal for the site. It is extremely comprehensive, featuring an official Konami blog, as well as player and clan rankings, player videos, a forum, a listing of events and tournaments and for Xbox owners, the facility to link your Xbox Live gamertag. The site also has an arcade location database in the works, though it currently redirects to a “Coming Soon” page. It’s excellent to see Konami supporting the community of players that has grown up around the DDR series, and giving recognition to the arcade environment which suits the performance-based nature of the game perfectly. We hope to see more sites like this in the future!

[DDR Online Community] [Discuss on the Forum]

Sega RaceTV mini-site opens

March 19, 2008

While rumour suggests that Sega RaceTV isn’t exactly revving the engines of arcade gamers, Sega Amusements Europe has recently launched a mini-site for the game, as is customary for big new releases from the company. Living up to the usual standard, it features a neat overview of the game, some screenshots (sadly environment shots, rather than in-game action) and a video which shows a fair amount of gameplay. It does look interesting, so hopefully I shall get a chance to play it on my next excursion to the big London arcades.

[Sega Amusements Europe] [Discuss on the forum]

Sega Europe launches Primeval Hunt Mini-Site

February 26, 2008


(Click on the image to enlarge)

For anyone familiar with the Sega Amusements Europe site, you know that the site features a number of ‘mimi-sites’ that cover their current line-up of games with some good detail and at times pictures and videos of said games. In all honesty I wish someone at Sega Europe would get together with Sega Amusements USA and get them to improve their website to a similar fashion similar as the Sega Amusements USA site is lacking a bit when it comes to game information as well as regular updates.

As far as the mini-site, it’s pretty good at describing the game and includes great screenshots of the game as well as 29″ and 62″ cabinets respectively. There are no videos of the game in action although we have posted some in the past. As far as a US release, still no word on when that is coming exactly although I wouldn’t be surprised to see it at ASI next month.
[Sega Amusements Europe] [Discuss on the Forum]

What other arcade website do you visit?

February 23, 2008


Now this is not me just being nosey. The reason I want to know what other arcade websites you visit is to add some more websites to our blogroll. Why would I want to do this you ask? At the end of the day I want more people to become aware that there is still a big following when it comes to arcades and I want to link to these sites to help the overall arcade coverage (maybe it won’t work, but no one can say we didn’t try).

 Now you may also think; why would I want to advertise other “competing” websites. Well the way I look at is we aren’t competing, it’s all for the greater good. Just look at Arcade Heroes and Arcade Renaissance. I have never looked at Renaissance and though of it as competition, we borrow stories of each other all the time (but at the same time we cover very different things on occasions). and it’s a great way for new people discover our websites. 

Now you may think that I know every arcade related website out there but the likelihood is; I don’t. The Internet is a big place you know. 

Just use the comments below for your great arcade website tips.