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AOU sites for Sega and Konami

February 5, 2009


ATEI has come and gone and that means that the next big show is AOU in Japan, where Japanese manufacturers show off all of their great products which you may or may not find outside of that country in the near future. This AOU will probably be quite interesting to see and it’s too bad I couldn’t go over to Japan to check it out but at least we’ll have plenty of news come along to fill us in.

As a preview into what will be at the show, we have Sega and Konami’s official AOU sites, which show off what we can expect to see there. Strangely Sega is not listing Border Breakam_gashaaaan2_main (their new mecha game) on the page, preferring to showcase Block Pipo (Brick People elsewhere) and Virtua Fighter 5R; Konami has several products they will be showcasing including the new “Gashaaaan!”, a ball-as-a-controller throwing game with an unusual name (pictured in the thumbnail there). Hit the links below to check it out.

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Sega to reveal Border Break, a new arcade title featuring robot wars at AOU2009

January 30, 2009


I read this earlier today on AM.Net that Sega has revealed a new arcade game that has something to do with robots but the details were so sparse that I didn’t want to post anything about it but Sega Nerds has a scan from some unidentified magazine discussing the game in Japanese. So there still isn’t much on this but the full name of the game is Border Break: Sega Network Robot Wars. Could it be a Virtual On type game or perhaps something else? As cool as these robot games are, it’s not often we see them outside of Japan anymore but we should know more once AOU rolls around next month.Sega will be showing off a few more games, including World Club Champion Football Intercontinental Clubs 2007-2008 which should be a good treat for football/soccer fans.

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AOU attendance rises by 10,000

February 22, 2008

Final attendance numbers for the recent AOU show have been posted over at Arcade Renaissance, showing a large increase over 2007’s figures. The overall attendance for the two days was 38,442 – up 10,529 visitors from the previous year, representing an increase of 37.7%. The increase is a rather nice way to round out what has been an extremely positive exhibition, confirming show floor reports of long queues and packed stands.

The full attendance breakdown follows, with the increase from 2007 shown in brackets:

2/15 (Friday) – 21,249 (+4,519 visitors)
2/16(Saturday) – 17,193 (+6,010 visitors)
Total – 38,442 (+10,529 visitors)

[Arcade Renaissance: AOU 2008 final attendance numbers]

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AOU 2008 ends on a high note and AOU Booth Babes

February 18, 2008


(Image via Famitsu)

AOU 2008 is over now and one thing is certain – there is still plenty of interest in arcades despite the presence of the Nintendo Wii in people’s homes. The lines for games were quite long with an expected 120 min. wait for Street Fighter IV and Konami reported wait times with 140 min. and 180 min. with multiple cues. Over 2,000 non-trade visitors stopped by the event (people that were just there to play games) and overall the show was a success. Now we just need to find out which games you can expect to see Japanese arcade companies send overseas. boothbabes1.jpg

Also via The Stinger Report and Amusement Japan is a look at the many booth babes that were one the scene to assist attendees to their needs. e3 may no longer be around to bring these girls to the console gaming scene (although there are other shows for them to appear at) but between ATEI and AOU they are plentiful at arcade shows. From pirates (right) to Chun Li to whatever else, help was there.Hit the post break for the collection that is safe for work (unless they have something against Japanese girls in sometimes funky costumes).

Finally if you’re looking for a ton of links to various Japanese sites reporting on the event, AM Net has collected practically everything onto one page. The only problem is that you have to deal with lousy internet translators but there are plenty of pictures to browse through on the various sites if that’s all you care for.

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Would you wait 90 minutes in line to play SFIV? (AOU 2008)

February 16, 2008


Just a friendly reminder from us and The Stinger Report that if scenes like the one above means that the arcade scene is totally dead (even in Japan – my guess is Namco probably should have waited to announce their arcade closures until after AOU was done and see how things were going to go) then we must have fallen into a different dimension where dead means “people will wait an hour and a half to play an arcade game”. Street Fighter IV isn’t the only popular game at the show however, several other games have proven popular including a few other fighters such as BlazBlue, Basara X and Fate: Unlimited Codes. I also have a video from AM NET that shows the latest version of Virtua Fighter 5, that we’ll call VF5R.

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AOU 2008 Famitsu report – arcades bringing new innovations to the scene

February 16, 2008


With the flurry of news coming around with AOU, it’s hard to post about all of them on the current schedule I have (although Arcade Renaissance is doing an excellent job at that) but I am trying to post what seems to be useful. Here we have a report from Famitsu that I found via AM Net that discusses the innovations being brought to the arcade scene at this years AOU 2008. First it discusses Square Enix’s new arcade game Lord of Vermilion and it’s use of both specialized cards, among other controls. They say that the game “incorporates elements such as network-based RPG card games” which might mean MMORPG but it’s hard to say with the translation. Of course Sega has already tested a similar game in the US already (Sanguozhi War 3) and Konami also had a card-based game at AOU called HorseRiders so Square is not the only company looking at this concept. The article also discusses Konami’s Jubeat (which is supposed to be pronounced You-beat BTW) and how that works – from everything we have seen so far the cube thing is really a fancy marquee and not a monitor – the “monitor” is really built into each button and a small display above those.. And finally (for the video arcade part) they discuss Konami’s Action Cop (or Action Deka over there) and it’s motion-based controls. It’s a good article but keep in mind that the text is filtered through a translator so it’s not perfect.

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AOU 2008 – Videos of Jubeat, Action Cop, BlazBlue, Gundam and KOF XII

February 15, 2008

From youtube user Gigazine comes some videos from AOU 2008. I have to say that it’s nice that so much attention is being given to arcades right now because of AOU but at the same time it’s disappointing – not because of AOU itself but because everyone only seems to be getting excited about a Japanese arcade show, where many of the games aren’t being released outside of that country. Where was all the mainstream excitement for ATEI or IAAPA? Almost no one mentioned the release of Big Buck Safari, Primeval Hunt, RaceTV or Blazing Angels. I know the answer is found in stuff like Street Fighter IV because of the history of that game but it’s still a little disappointing to see how quick many places are to declare the death of the arcade but once something big comes along they are all over it. Speaking of industry shows, I do plan on heading to ASI next month where some new games will be shown off for the US market. That should be a lot of fun.

Konami’s Jubeat

Action Cop


Gundam VS. Gundam

From a different user, NeoGeoForLife we have KOF XII

Also I’d like to point out that Arcade Renaissance has a page with links to more videos on their site.

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AOU 2008 – Street Fighter IV to be released in July

February 15, 2008


[Via AM Net]

AM Net reports that Capcom has announced a release date for Street Fighter IV in Japan. The game is scheduled for “late July” or possibly mid-August in the event of a delay. WE’ll keep an eye on Coinopexpress for that – if it turns out that Capcom won’t bring an arcade version to the States I’m going to import this sucker for my arcade.

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AOU Pamphlets of Street Fighter IV, Blazblue, Jubeat, more

February 15, 2008

One site has posted scans of some pamphlets of several games being showcased at AOU. All the text is in Japanese of course but you still can get an idea of what’s going on. We do learn that SFIV will use a six button layout (that may have been confirmed elsewhere already but I haven’t read it yet) and Crimson Viper is from the US. They do not have the new character Abel on there so I guess it was printed before they decided to reveal him. Scans via Aries Cubicles.





 Street Fighter IV

aou2008-sf4a.jpg aou2008-sf4b.jpg aou2008-sf4c.jpg aou2008-sf4d.jpg aou2008-sfive.jpg aou2008-sfivf.jpg aou2008-sfivg.jpg  aou2008-sfivh.jpg

Also Kotaku has someone over at the show who has been snapping a lot of pics and writing impressions. It sounds like Street Fighter IV has succeeded in impressing people, all the more reason for an arcade release to come to the States.

Here is a video posted to youtube of SFIV in action by user Gigazine. (via Kotaku)

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AOU 2008 Begins

February 15, 2008


AOU 2008 has begun in Japan and with it come images. AM Net has posted a number of images up to their site already and expect to see more over the next few days from them as they are pretty much the arcade authorities in Japan. The first images are pretty good, showing a number of booths from various Japanese arcade companies and the best thing about the images at the moment is they were taken without many people around so you can see everything each booth has to offer. A few of the games you can see is Arcana Heart, MaxiTune 3, BlazBlue, Sega’s UFO Catcher (also shown at ATEI), a new racer called Final Turn, Samurai Spirits, D1GP, the new King of Fighters ’98, The Lord of Vermilion, and last but not least (as this is the game that most western news outlets are only paying any attention to) Street Fighter IV. The SFIV booth also happens to be the picture with the most people standing around in it so far so expect more pictures to show long lines. It’s safe to say that there is enough interest in the arcade version of SFIV that Capcom would be stupid to not release it in that form outside of Japan although who knows what they plan to do since eventual console releases are also planned for the game. If we learn anything else from the event, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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