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Global VR ATEi 2008 Impressions

January 27, 2008


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Global VR have impressed me of late. Not just because they appear to be emerging as one of the big amusements videogame developers, not just because of the variety of games that they have in thier stable now, but because of the price they are releasing thier games at. What ever the industry, there is nothing better than some one coming in and mixing it up with the established companies. A lot of this has to do with deals they have in place with EA and Ubisoft, arguably two of the biggest consumer video game developers around. This allows them access to a huge variety of consumer games that are ripe of arcade conversion.

Now to the games on show at ATEi 2008. Probably the biggest showing on the stand hand to be the debut of Blazing Angels, a console conversion of an early 360 title. Now I haven’t played the console game, and whether or not this will hinder or help my judgement of the arcade game I don’t know, but here’s my opinion anyway.

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London Preview 08 Part 3 – Stinger looks at GlobalVR, Taito and IT

October 12, 2007

For our final piece of coverage on the London 08 preview (again thanks to The Stinger Report for the news and pictures), we look at what GlobalVR, Taito and IT had to show off at the event.

GlobalVR – GVR was represented by their European distributor Cosmic Video Amusement. Here was a first look at GVR’s EA NASCAR Racing. The deluxe cabinet was at the show and provided “intense and compelling graphics and action.” Nascar will go on test in the UK soon, with special featuers such as “drafting”, making for a great two-player racing title.

08prev5.JPG 08prev16.JPG

America’s Army was also available, we posted impressions on the game recently and Stinger reports that the game provides a “unique experience that could be placed in bars as well as conventional amusement locations.”


Aliens : Extermination Deluxe and Paradise Lost were also at the show and both games have proved to be popular games in the market. With recent price reductions on all GVR games, the company has caused a stir in the amusement industry .


Taito -Being represented by distributor Electrocoin, Taito was represented on the floor with their latest racer, Chase HQ 2. For the first time the deluxe cabinet was shown, along with two other versions of the game. It looks great and offers something a little different as well.


Incredible Technologies – Electrocoin alsohad some games on hand from IT, including Silver Strike Bowling , Golden Tee Live 2008 and the aptly named ‘Bags‘ game.


Also from the Stinger:

The event boded well for ATEI in January, though there is expected to be some more big surprise with Tekken 6, a brand new racing game and a selection of hardcore titles from Konami (absent from Preview this year). For more detail on what was at Preview we would recommend reading our The Stinger Report coverage at the end of the month.

We’ll be sure to cover that as well.

Our thoughts – It looks like 2008 is shaping up to be a good year for arcades as well although it is concerning about the genre crowding that is occurring. Games like Primeval Hunt look like a good start (as was 2Spicy, which seems as though it won’t appear here in the States), as does that Panzer Simulator game. But for the industry to continue its stride and to become more competitive against the console market, we’ll need more new ideas of experiences that just aren’t as fun at home – while maintaining reasonable prices of course. Thanks again to The Stinger Report for the coverage.

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Arcade Heroes – News on the Road From KWP

September 16, 2007

‘Outcome of – Stinger Uber Crystal Ball for JAMMA show’

Well, the smoke is settling on the last day of the 45th Amusement Machine
Show in Japan, and its time to see how good those predictions made back in
August where?
The reality against the speculation and rumour:

‘what WAS at JAMMA’

Virtua Fighter 5 EVOLUTION (Sega) Fighter Rumor
REALITY – Sega decided to show ‘Virtua Fighter 5 Version C’ – and stood
fast against any promises of a VF5E or VF6 (as has been rumored for 2008)

Sengoku Basara X (Taito) Fighter On test
REALITY – Yep, was the big (and only video) launch of the Capcom booth

The King of Fighters XII (Taito) Fighter On test

Samurai Spirits Sen (Taito) Fighter Rumor

Oriental Legend 2 (IGS) Brawler On test
REALITY – Yep, also shown on the Taito booth

New Gungame (Namco) Shooter Rumor

Guitarfreaks V4 & DrumMania V4 Rock x Rock (Konami) Music On test
REALITY – Interesting rumor this as it showed the guy’s who gave it are
unaware that Konami NEVER exhibits at JAMMA?

Taiko no Tatsujin 10 (Namco) Music On test

DDR Supernova 2 (Konami) Music On test
REALITY – Konami NEVER exhibits at JAMMA?

War of Grail (Capcom) Brawler Rumor
REALITY – No Show, and a major dissapointment that this game has been canned

D1GP Grand Prix (Taito) Driver On test
REALITY – Yep, big launch at JAMMA

Super Hang-On 2 (Sega) Driver Rumor
REALITY – Sources claim that new launch ‘RaceTV’ was code named SHO2 in

Sega Rally 3 (Sega) Driver Rumor
REALITY – No show, and is expected to be a fake rumor

Baseball Heroes 3 (Konam) Sports On test
REALITY – Konami NEVER exhibits at JAMMA?

Silent Hill: The Arcade (Konami) Shooter On test
REALITY – Konami NEVER exhibits at JAMMA?

Zombie Shooter (Taito) Shooter Rumor
REALITY – Taito executives confirmed a shooter in the works, but no plans
to publicly show at this years JAMMA

Results – 12 wrong out of 4 and a half right!!! Not a great average, but a
example of the difficulties of trying to second guess the amusement
industry in Japan. That said, this years show was a great success with
some real surprises on the show floor and some good fan videos. The
Stinger has a mountain of rumors and gossip to run, and will try and pass
on some of the hotter pieces to Arcade Heroes.

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Location Review: Time-Out – Horseheads, New York

June 5, 2007

Arnot Mall Time-Out Logo
Today I am starting a new feature on this site to coincide with Shaggy’s review of the week. Every Tuesday I will be reviewing a different arcade location. Today, I am going to recall my visit to Time-Out at the Arnot Mall in Horseheads, NY. For those who don’t know, Time-Out was a large arcade chain in the Northeast United States in the 1980s. During the peak of their popularity, they were at one point known as Sega’s Time-Out. In the 1990’s they were purchased by Namco. Today there are very few remaining Time-Out arcades. The Time-Out at the Arnot Mall is one of them.

The arcade has a large selection of the standard modern arcade money-makers such as driving games, shooting games, 3D fighting games, and dancing games. They have each genre lined up nicely, so you can pick your favorites with ease. When you first walk in via the left hand entrance, you will find a selection of driving games, such as The Fast and the Furious, Super Mario Kart Arcade GP, and The Fast and the Furious: Superbikes, and Initial D. On the opposite end of the wall, in the middle of the arcade, there are two more racing games.

Time-Out picture

On the back end of the arcade there are shooting games. The older games are on the left. Silent Scope 2 and House of the Dead 2 are side by side. Aliens: Extermination is next to that, and Star Trek: Voyager – The Arcade Game is right behind it. Oddly, sandwiched in between the redemption games and the shooting games is an ATV game. This is the only game that is not working at the moment. The arcade has a record of moving in new games at a steady rate, so there is a good chance that this game will either be replaced or repaired by the time of this writing. Next to the ATV game is the oldest game in the arcade, Virtua Tennis, circa 1999.

The right hand section of the arcade is completely dedicated to redemption games. There are some gems to be found here, such as Kick-It Pro. There are also the redemption mainstays such as a skee-ball clone called Ice Ball and a basketball game. The skee-ball game is a bit wonky for my tastes, however. I enjoy a nice game of skee-ball, but these balls are too light and there always seem to be too many balls left over at the end. I’m not sure if the game registered the correct number of balls allotted, but when you have a shot left over that isn’t recorded, you can’t help but feel a little ripped off. If you’re a fan of redemption games, you’ll find fun in the basketball game and Kick-It pro. I’d recommend avoiding Ice-Ball, and going for a real Skee-Ball experience at other arcades.

The last section of the arcade is a nook dedicated to arcade fighters. Soul Calibur III is available here, as is Tekken 5.

The cost of the games in the arcade is standard for today’s market. Virtua Tennis is one token (at 25 cents a token). The rest of the games cost 50 cents a play, while the driving games and the dancing game cost $1.00 a play.

If you’re looking for the latest arcade game, Time-Out at the Arnot Mall is worth a visit. If you are looking for older arcade games, there are arcades in the area better suited for that.

Issue 23 of HardCore Gamer Magazine out

April 25, 2007

The latest issue of Hardcore Gamer Magazine is now available and the reason I bring it up is that it features a review of Aliens: Extermination written by yours truly. I apologize for blowing my own horn here but I wanted to bring attention to the fact that this is one of the few hard copy magazines that is willing to provide space to arcade games – something that all of the self-proclaimed #1 game magazines stopped doing a long time ago as they began ignoring the industry almost entirely.

A few previews were submitted to use in this issue of the magazine but they were not used and may be used in future editions of HGM. Either way, HGM supports arcades and will continue to do so in future issues, so check it out!

Hardcore Gamer Magazine site

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Alien Extermination Review by Shaggy

April 4, 2007


A little belated on my part by here’s a review, on one of Global VR’s more recent games, from one of our Arcade Heroes Forum Members, Shaggy . Cheers dude!

After the events that occured in Aliens, The Company wants to make sure that the threat was completely eliminated from the planet where they had their failed colony. So they send a group of poor marines to go back down to what’s left with a mission to remove anything that remains.
Apparently the whole place getting nuked in the end just wasn’t enough to take care of these buggers, so that’s what leads to this game. Some may cry inconsistency, but AFAIK there is no documentary covering what what to the Aliens after the place was laid to waste. Besides, anything that leads to a bug hunt, whether it’s consistent with the films or not is good in my book.

Aliens: Extermination is the latest lightgun entry onto the arcade arena. Your mission is to mow down all the aliens that get in your way as you travel along a set path through four levels of alien splattering mayhem. From what I played, it did not seem to offer different directions of travel although you can select which mission to play between every level.
The action in the game is quite frantic from the get go. Aliens will get in your face and can use either their claws, jaws or tails to take you down. Simply use all of your firepower to mow them down. You do have a health bar which you need to watch – once it hits nothing you die and need to put in another quarter/token to continue (no lives). There are many health power-ups through the levels though, as well as many ammo reloads and gun power-ups. You do not have ammo clips – simply an ammo supply of 99 shots for the pulse rifle. You can see the amount of shots you have on-screen as well as a display on the back of your gun. If you run out of ammo they don’t leave you helpless – you then switch to a pistol which is effective against the aliens, albiet slow. Special power-ups include grenades, rockets and napalm and ammo reloads for all of them show up fairly often. Simply shoot the power-ups to grab them. Some power-ups lie behind destructible objects as well, so keep an eye out for that.
The special weapons are controlled by two buttons placed on front area of the gun. One red button on the left hand side and a yellow button on the underside front part of the gun (I’ll try and get some screenshots). The red button will first grenades and rockets, the yellow button your flame thrower. All of these weapons are great for clearing out lots of enemies at once, but of course the ammo is limited for each.
Even though there are only four levels, they are fairly long. Most of the it is running through corridors shooting aliens, eggs, facehuggers, those cyborg guys that have gone crazy and an unknown type of alien worm thing. one sequence has you on those tank like vehicles shooting aliens down as you race along wide corridors. Each level has an end boss (or bosses) you need to destroy with extreme prejudice. The game throws a lot at you so there is little chance to rest and they also have the obligatory good guys running in the crossfire that you’re not supposed to blast which means you have to stay on your toes even more so. Of course, if you are loaded with tokens, you may as well not worry about it and just mow away.
Overall the gameplay in Aliens Extermination is wonderful – fast-paced and splattery but not too hard that with some practice you can significantly lower the token intake on the game. The learning curve was nearly straight here – both my brother and I picked up on everything quite fast (even while holding a baby in my arm).

Admittedly the game doesn’t look that impressive when you check out the few meager screenshots that they bothered to post online – but it’s a completely different thing seeing the game live. It certainly outperforms the Xbox – in fact it’s graphics remind me a lot of Area 51 on the PC, which was a good looking game. The screen resolution is high, probably 1280×720 which would put it in HD territory – the game only lacks widescreen. The monitor is roughly 30″ in size – it almost looks like you are playing a PC game on a larger monitor.
The framerate is quite fast, never slowing down even when the action gets quite furious. The aliens themselves look greatly – easily being the best looking aliens seen in a video game so far. The textures are high-res and the lighting does the job although you won’t run into any effects like HDR lighting or super-ultra realistic water (at least from what we saw – we did not make it to level 4). There are a few sequences that use special effects like the sequence where you use ultraviolet vision (which is a little tough but it’s a nice touch) so the game is not devoid of any eye candy.

Typical Alien sounds that you have come to expect from games since AvP on the Jaguar. There is a soundtrack but it fades easily from memory when you are playing in a noisy arcade with all the games creating a sweet chorus of gaming sounds. It gets the job done nicely.

Cabinet and Presentation
The Aliens cabinet is eye catching from far away – they use green lighting around some of the edges combined with back-lighting on the quite large marquee and speakers lit up with an eerie blue. No CG artwork on the side – everything is taken from the movies, but it’s mostly shots of aliens. Overall, it’s a nice cabinet to look at although it does take up a bit of space outwards.
The best part of the cabinet are the lightguns – frankly these are the best lightguns I have yet used on an arcade game. Most guns are just the generically unimpressive blue and red shells that gamers have become familiar with over the years. Aliens: Extermination takes it up several notches by attempting to recreate the pulse rifles from the movie and the detail is impressive. First the guns are mounted onto the cabinet – which is best for the gameplay. This way your arms do not fatigue in holding the guns up. The ammo counter has moved from the side to the back of the gun for easier viewing – one hand uses the trigger for your primary gun and the other hand is used for the two secondary buttons which fire grenades and napalm. I didn’t notice it until after I was finished with my game, but they even have an element inside the upper part of the gun that causes it to light up red when you pull the trigger. I was only disappointed by the lack of real feedback. According to the brochure, the guns were supposed to be full-force feedback controllers, yet these didn’t do that. It is possible that the arcade operator deactivated the feature in interest of preserving hardware (such a thing is not uncommon in arcades). I will have to report on that when I pick this game up for my arcade in the future.

Is Aliens a game worth playing? Most certainly. I wanted to see if the game would be worth buying for my arcade and after playing it for about a half-hour, I was convinced. It’s fun, it’s fast-paced and it doesn’t require a lot of effort to put into – in other words, a perfect arcade game. And you will only find this title in arcades as GlobalVR has no plans to bring this game to game consoles. We were lucky in that the arcade operator only wanted 1 quarter per credit so it wasn’t hard on the wallet. I still would have used up all my quarters I had that day on it though to be honest – it is that good.

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Alien Extermination DLX is out there!

March 1, 2007

So all those beautiful shiny machines that I got my hands on at the ATEI are gradually filtering thier way through in to the arcades. The first one I have spotted is Global VR’s Aliens Extermination DLX in the London Trocadero. Without the hustle and bustle of the trade show I was able to get some better pictures of the cabinet for those of you that have not seen it yet. Enjoy!