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HardCore Gamer Issue #24 out – 2Spicy previewed

May 25, 2007

Issue #24 of HardCore Gamer is out now, featuring a preview for 2Spicy. The magazine can be purchased at a local retailer or if you don’t care for a hard copy you can download a PDF at They will ask you to fill out a survey before you download and when I first tried the download it came up with a server error but after reloading the page it worked fine. The big thing this issue is an exclusive look at Mass Effect, which certainly has my interest as far as the 360 goes. They also mention Tempest 2000’s recent re-release via emulator, which is one of my favorite games of all time (it was the crowning game for the Atari Jaguar, along with Alien Vs. Predator of course)

I have actually submitted more work than just this but there is only space for one game per issue at the moment. At the very least arcades are getting some attention and in the near future there should be a review of Let’s Go Jungle and a great preview of The Act and Silent Hill. Hopefully more space can be dedicated to arcade stuff in the near future and you also may see a plug for Arcade Heroes in upcoming issues. There is a typo in the article though that I just caught, about the release date. It’s definently not available in the States yet, I’m not sure about Europe though.
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2 Spicy Mini Site

May 7, 2007


I don’t know how long this has been up for, but Sega have put up a mini site for 2 Spicy. It contains some info about the game, screen shots and a shot of the cabinet. I did get to play this a little at the ATEI but not as much as I would have liked to. The gameplay was trickier than regular lightgun games, but with time though it could definitely be one of those games that has a whole new level of play once mastered (by stringing combo’s together and using the scenery effectively). I don’t know when this is due for release, will keep an eye out.

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Video of Sega's ATEI 2007 Stand

January 31, 2007

Does exactly what it says in the title. Featuring; Too Spicy, OutRun2 SP Super Deluxe, Let’s Go Jungle, Virtua Tennis 3, Afterburner Climax and Manic Panic Ghost. Enjoy!

Video of Sega’s ATEI 2007 Stand

January 31, 2007

Does exactly what it says in the title. Featuring; Too Spicy, OutRun2 SP Super Deluxe, Let’s Go Jungle, Virtua Tennis 3, Afterburner Climax and Manic Panic Ghost. Enjoy!

Sega @ ATEI 2007 – Part 2 – Gun Games

January 29, 2007


Once again Sega have far too many games to cover, so now I’m going to plough through thier gun games. Probably the most unique one of the show was Too Spicy or “2 spicy” depending on how down wit it you are! The basic premise of this game is that it’s a one on one shooter with a kind of of third person perspective. Additionally you have two pedals to use to dodge left and right between pillars and cover. It’s a pretty frantic game, and is superb when you are participating in a VS match with you friend. Obviously there was the old favourite House of the Dead 4, but in addition to that there was “House of the Dead 4 Special”. Believe me, it is special. The concept is that you and a buddy sit yourself in this room, so to speak, and you get buckled in with seat belts and a bar and then the game starts. It’s a new story with new locations, but the twist is that you have a screen in front and behind you and the seat spins depending on where the zombies are coming from. It’s a blast, it’s just a shame the queue for it was like half and hour. There was a new version of Ghost Squad subtitled Evolution whichwas more of the same, as well as a deluxe version of Extreme Hunting 2. Finally there was Let’s Go Jungle which is a well overdue return to having a shooter in an enclosed cabinet, like Jurassic Park. In true Japanese style this is one of those classic mad cap adventures with giant spiders and mutant plants to contend with.





Sega ATEI Line Up 2007

January 9, 2007


With the ATEI at Earls Court fastly approaching I thought I scourer the web for any press releases. First up we have Sega Amusements Europe’s press release, look out for more soon.                                          

Sega Amusements Europe Ltd. will be taking the largest stand space ever seen outside of Japan for the company at the forth coming ATEI in a few weeks – 102% larger than last years in fact. The proud claim comes as part of Sega taking the lead in moving upstairs at the Earl’s Court venue and adopting the largest stand in the hall. “The need for more stand space is more apparent than ever this year with the quantity and variety of equipment we are showing, aside from the fact that we will be showing the largest amusement machine the industry has ever seen in the form of Out Run 2 Special Attraction”, commented Justin Burke of Sega. The growing company will be spread over 500sq metres and offer visitors a range that will include driving, shooting, novelty, sport, centrepieces and attractions in a variety of cabinet formats that put Sega head and shoulders above the competition. Along with the first outing for the company’s new spares division, Sega Total Solutions, who as of February 2007 will be supplying Sega spares direct to the market place.  Measuring 8.25m wide the 8 player Out Run 2 Special Attraction is a hot contender to steal machine of the show before it even starts. Without being shown in Europe yet the orders are coming in thick and fast according to Sega – proving ‘size does matter!’ Featuring the moulded rear end of four Ferrari’s the game has four 62” screens, over head live leader board monitor, full motion based simulation, and the unique ‘Driver Switching System’ allowing two players to drive the same car! The product will be available as a two and four car version. Sega has the reputation for producing some of the best gun games the industry has seen and will be showing two new ones at the show. In a new format Too Spicy turns the usual format of players fighting with each other to fighting against each other. To maximise the effect of this, the game will come as two single upright cabinets that are linked and set up back to back. Based around the dark world of gang land tribes the scene is set in the back streets, warehouses and subways of
Hong Kong.
After the tremendously successful Ghost Squad of 2005 that sold in excess of 800 units, the follow up Ghost Squad Evolution promises to be another hit across
Europe. The game will get is world premier at the ATEI this year and will be available for Easter.
 Following the release of Let’s Go Jungle in December the game has had extremely high cash box returns. The two player fantasy jungle shooting game is housed in a ‘can’t miss’ Jeep themed theatre cabinet. Sega admits to being caught out by the success of this title and has multiplied original production quantities four fold already “It is been the winter success story as far as we are concerned” commented Justin Burke. After the launch of Sega Kid’s games at last years ATEI the company is now rolling out more titles. Concentrating on Dinosaurking in 2006 to phenomenal results in an exclusive launch with Leisure Link and Bourne Leisure this year will see that ‘boys’ orientated game complemented with the ‘girls’ version of Love & Berry. The fashion based card collecting game is set to take pride of place at front of stand. By show time Sega will have 336 Kids’ games in the UK and 816 by March across
Europe. With other licensed titles in the pipeline and an animation series in Italy and
Spain the Sega Kids concept seems to have worked, proved any sceptics wrong and is certainly here to stay.
  Additionally Sega will be showing the House and Dead 4 Special Attraction, the latest version of World Club Champion Football 2005 – 2006, the full range of Afterburner Climax cabinets, and the Lindbergh universal upright cabinet.  Sega’s new stand numbers are 2020 / 2030 and can be found on the upper level of Earl’s Court.

2 Spicy for me!

December 6, 2006


The title may sound like a stupid pop song, but Sega’s arcade title 2 SPICY looks like major kick assage. Say what you’ll want about Sega, but the company still believes in Japanese arcade gaming and for that they get props. Case in point: 2 SPICY. This urban shooter sports an inventive game play. We know that characters are controlled by using two foot petals for left and right movement. Apparently, you can do combos and duck and cover behind objects (probably crates or trash cans). There’s even a versus fight mode, but no word if that’s any good or not. Still, the game seems to be different, slightly adventurous. Thanks Kotaku and for that one!

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