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Retronauts Talk Street Fighter

January 16, 2008


I am a massive videogame podcast listener and one of my favourites is 1UP’s Retronauts. This week I was pleasantly surprised that thier latest episode was all about the Street Fighter series which I highly recommend. Everything is talked about, from the fantastic Alpha series and the upcoming SF4 to the not so fantastic Street Fighter movie!

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Street Fighter 4 gameplay video

December 29, 2007

Via 1up, from the lucky guys who got to go and play the new SFIV. It’s good to see an arcde game getting such a high profile look at it but that’s probably because they care more about the console versions than the arcade version itself. The video is about twenty minutes long and there is plenty of SFIV gameplay to see (in between their commentary which is hit or miss). One nice thing we catch is they are trying to make it easy for anyone to play instead of just SF experts. Video posted by youtube user kyroed.

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More Street Fighter 4 News & Screenshot

December 6, 2007


1UP and magazine EGM have snagged some new details and the first screen shot of the next Street Fighter game. Click on the image to see the full high-res version of it.

As for details on the platform the game will be appearing on? Well this is still a mystery. As for the games graphics it has been revealed that they are polygonal but the gameplay is strictly 2D. There will be new moves, locations, and gameplay features, while the standard six button control scheme remains. Ryu and Ken return along with Chun-Li and Dhalsim, but know other characters have been revealed.

Look out for the January issue of EGM for more info.

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