Guest post: Capcom Turns Console Gamers To Arcade Releases With Release Of Super Street Fighter IV Cabinet

Today we have a guest post to share with you by James Mowery. He takes a look at the effects the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV Arcade can have on the scene. Continue on the link below to read James’ take on Capcom’s next big arcade release

Capcom Turns Console Gamers To Arcade Releases With Release Of Super Street Fighter IV Cabinet

Although Japanese arcades remain big business, arcade news has done little to excite the average American gamer. This has all changed due to the slow leak of information regarding the upcoming release of Capcom’s Super Street Fighter IV arcade cabinet.

Super Street Fighter IV(SSF4) is the second iteration of latest installment of the popular fighting game series. However, Capcom released it exclusively for consoles and is only just now releasing it to arcades. This news might have been ignored by the average fan but Capcom has managed to drum up mainstream interest by slowly teasing new additions to the game for months.

It started with what looked like extra slots for new characters on the select screen and has grown into a weekly rumor-fest that has even the most die-hard Xbox fan searching out information on the latest arcade cabinet releases. Recently, Capcom has made it all but obvious that at least two new characters not currently available on console editions will be debuting in the arcades: Yun and Yang, a Chinese twin duo will make their debut soon. Analysis of screenshots has led fans to believe that at least one more new character will be available.

Street Fighter fans are some of the most dedicated player bases in the world. When the SSF4 arcade machines are released later this year, expect a glut of players flocking to the arcade to try out all of the new characters first hand. Plenty of quarters and tokens will be sacrificed to share the latest strategies and match-up info before the latest editions inevitably appear on home consoles.

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