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Browsing the GTI Asia China Expo 2010

August 31, 2010

The GTI Asia China Expo has come and gone and finally we are getting a first look at the many new products that were on hand. Some look like originals, some appear to be bootlegs but on thing is clear, the Chinese amusement market is growing fast and as long as they can learn to lay off the bootlegs, then it will be a good thing. I’ve picked out some screenshots that were published on where I’ll make my best guess as to what is going on.


If Time Crisis were a movie

August 31, 2010

Newsfeed 915 via

I had thought that this was published sometime ago but the video poster has the date as Aug. 11th 2010 so perhaps it’s not as belated as I had though. If you’ve seen it already then at least it’s worth watching again, if not then get ready for what Time Crisis would probably be like as a live action movie, right down to the video game physics and some humor(I loev the part where they fire their guns just like most people do in boss battles). It even includes actor Andy Whitfield (IMDB profile) –  Now they just need to do the other TC games, from 2-4 as well as Crisis Zone and Razing Storm.

Just a note, it is violent as it’s just a long gun battle and there is some blood in there, in case you’re somewhere that would frown upon such videos.

The director, freddiew also has some other game-related videos including his concept for a Future Rock Band game.