Dino Survivor by Belrare

Today is the first day of the GTI Asia China Expo and that means more arcade games will be coming to light, especially as the Chinese arcade market has virtually exploded in recent memory (perhaps it helps that consoles are technically banned there where arcades are not). Unfortunately arcade news coming out of China can be very hit-or-miss, sometimes screenshots and video are plentiful for a game (like Crazy SpeedArcade) but most of the time it’s a miss with the only thing we get is a blurry shot of a random cabinet at a trade show or we get a thumbnail shot of a cabinet on a webpage. This will be another post of the latter as Chinese developer Belrare once again has a new product to show off but it’s nowhere to be found on their website, they haven’t responded to inquiries on their content and whether we will see it at IAAPA is completely unknown.

The new game is called Dino Survivor. It looks similar to Let’s Go Jungle or Deadstorm Pirates but this time it’s about hunting dinosaurs. One thing to help this stand out could be that it uses stereoscopic 3D which many other Chinese games have been pushing lately and it also has mounted gatling guns (ala Vulcan-M). It also appears that they may be giving this one a good push in the graphics department where terms like “normal mapping”, “dynamic ocean lighting effects”, “3D particle system”,  and others are part of this game’s visual resumé. So that gives us something to look forward to if we ever get a chance to see the game in more detail and see if it uses any of the modern techniques properly. At least the cabinet looks awesome, I like the vivid artwork it has although it could use a larger viewing window to help avoid the “den of iniquity” problem these kind of theater cabinets tend to run into.

More details here @ the GTI site

Belrare website

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12 Comments on “Dino Survivor by Belrare”

  1. arcades4ever Says:

    this game reminds me of a game that was release 13 years ago that had a dinosaur theme that was also in an inclosed cabinet except it used a 2 way joystick. forget what it was called but it was made by interactive light who is known for a football/soccer game called “Kick It” if anyone remembers it at all

  2. editor Says:

    Oi… I worked on (managed) Savage Quest – sadly it was way ahead of its time, and also hampered by INTEL’s departure from the ArcadePC project. The game did good numbers on some locations however!

    • dan Says:

      yes i agree it was ahead of its time ,i remember cromptons having a private showing of it in a backgroom which was unique but at the time i think it was very expensive ..i remember cromptons had timebuster out at the same show and that did very well indeed

    • arcades4ever Says:

      are you saying you used to work for a game company that created video games especially for the arcade market?

  3. Shaggy Says:

    Savage Quest looks quite fascinating, I had never heard of it. I don’t see why it needed the cockpit cabinet though, that was a little over the top. My son would get a kick out of that game, depending on how easily four year olds can handle the controls. It looks like Primal Rage in 3D with free movement.


  4. DaRulz Says:

    video link to the game:

  5. bingo Says:

    I am confused dan says the game was a huge flop and editor (who worked on the game) said it did well in earnings at some locations. Did it or did it not flop? What were the reasons for it’s failure? (if it did fail)

    • Shaggy Says:

      My guess is that the game didn’t sell very well in quantities but at the locations that picked it up, it made money. I know that such a thing has happened with many games but perhaps Editor will enlighten us further.

  6. justonemoregame Says:

    Thanks for the clip, DaRulz!

    Savage Quest looks *fascinating*.

    It’s like ‘Final Fight’, in multiple directions, with the attack mechanics of ‘Joust’ and a plot straight out of a David Attenborough special.

    Wow, the ‘eating your enemy’ bit’s a bit gruesome!
    Nice sunlight from 2:00 -> 2:30.
    Oh, and the location damage on the player’s beast is a nice touch.

  7. bingo Says:

    The incredible thing is that this game still looks better graphics wise than more modern arcade games that have come out….

  8. editor Says:

    a little (brief) history – after my time with Walt Disney imagineering, was asked to work on the arcadepc project with Intel. the project ended up with a single game being developed that was ‘Savage Quest’. all parties received investment in one game (interactive light, crompton and others).


    The game was very successful as a product (review), but not as a sales success. it was sold in a big cabinet to hide some of the expense of the pc, but in the end its biggest success was at the Sony Metreon installation where over six units were played into the ground.

    the game graphics still kick ass today, and if i could i would try and sell the system as a kit. however intel would not be happy for me to prove them wrong about the games popularity!

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