Pandora’s Adventure II coming to GTI Asia China Expo next week

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Gametime International (or GTI) is busy ramping up for another Expo and when the GTI Asia China Expo 2010 gets under way on the 26th, we know of at least one game that will be there – Pandora’s Adventure II by Golden Dragon. PA2 is the follow-up game to Pandora’s Adventure which was shown this past March. Considering how the time frame between the two titles is quite small,  PA2 is an enhanced version of the first game, adding new characters, a motion-base seat and even a stereoscopic 3D display. It’s doubtful that will help much with the old polygon graphics that could be done on a console from the late 90’s (personally I would prefer 2D sprites over the old 3D stuff, if there was a choice) and they will have cabinet configurations ranging from 19″ screens to 52″ in size. The cabinet is colorful and goofy and I’m sure that it will sell for cheap.

It’s been good to see that the coin-op amusement market is quite strong in China this year, although I hope that they can improve the quality of the games sooner than later. Chinese companies seem quite willing to experiment in different game genres which is a plus but too often we also see clones or bootlegs which dampens the influence of original games from that region. Graphically the original games will need some consistency as they are all over the map, some looking great (like Crazy Speed or Golden Dragon’s own Bloody Taierzhuang) and others looking like Pandora’s Adventure or worse.

[Pandora’s Adventure II @ Golden Dragon Amusements]

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