Namco’s Dead Heat in action

While we have posted numerous details on Namco’s newest racing game Dead Heat, which is due out this fall, we haven’t seen any in-depth video of the actual game in action, until now. This video is from Florida-based coin-op machine distributor BMI Gaming, who provided us with the footage from other games at the recent AAMA Distributor Gala. In case you need to catch up on those details about Dead Heat, you can read more about it here.

Click here for the page where you can watch it in gratuitous 1080p

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10 Comments on “Namco’s Dead Heat in action”

  1. IcePagoda Says:

    It’s like they dumbed down Wangan Midnight, unfortunately.

  2. DaRulz Says:

    Actually I thought it was more like Fast n Furious with all the fun removed….

  3. editor Says:

    I thought that about Wangan Midnight – and all that hype about detailed location collection?

  4. Shaggy Says:

    When I talked to Namco they said that they were aiming for middle ground between Wangan and Furious as it does feature improved ghost racers over the Wangan series. It’s probably best to wait and play it before making a final judgment.

  5. editor Says:

    Agreed, though will it be at JAMMA?

    • Shaggy Says:

      Everything I’ve heard so far seems to suggest that this is a game made specifically for the US market. Of course Sega Card Gen was too but that’s a Japanese only game now from the looks of it.

  6. Molloy Says:

    The markets saturated with bland street racers already. Enough!

    I wish they’d at least put really overthetop arcade scenery in like blimps and huge waterfalls and ferris wheels and stuff. There was a time when coin op racers had a visual identity of their own to set them apart from console racers.. yawn.

    • astroturf Says:

      Then be sure to check out Super Bikes 2!! Blimps: Check! Waterfalls: Check! Ferris Wheels: Check! Throw in some Aliens vs. the Air Force action, a space race, plus tracks through Paris, Dubai, Yosemite, and multiply it by the crazy tricks and bikers and you have old-school fun.

  7. Bowlplex Says:

    Produced externally for Namco, Grid will wipe the floor with it.

  8. Molloy Says:

    Raw Thrills have the right ideas and a sense of the ridiculous that’s lacking in many of this outsourced indentikit racers, but they could do with hiring a few more good artists. Aesthetically their games are quite incoherent compared to what the Japanese are putting out.

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