Parent company of Intencity posts strong earnings

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For those unfamiliar with Intencity, it’s the amusement wing of Village Roadshow, an entertainment company based in Australia that deals with theme parks, cinema centers, music, DVDs and more. From the looks of it, Intencity is one place where players can find some of the latest arcade and redemption games and there are Intencity locations in all but two Australian territories. So what’s the big deal? Village Roadshow has posted solid profits, with a 17.7% jump in profits and the Intencity locations are a part of that good news. Unfortunately we don’t know how much they contribute to the company as it isn’t stated in the article but if it was a drag on VR that would have been mentioned.

Source: The Australian

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2 Comments on “Parent company of Intencity posts strong earnings”

  1. justonemoregame Says:

    Village Roadshow owns two of the most dominant FM radio networks ($$$) around the country.

    As for Intencity, there used to be many of them around Australia, but now there’s only a couple in each state. Usually located in a shopping centre.

    Haven’t been to an Intencity for a while, but my experience at a few locations 10 years ago was that of very poorly-maintained games. Pinballs, in particular were thrashed.

    This may have improved these days; of perhaps some centres were better run than others. I hope that’s the case. If I had one near me, with a decent lineup of titles, I’d happy pile my money in.

  2. Kimone Says:

    To put it bluntly, Intencity sucks.

    I’ve visited over half of their stores around Australia hoping to find one that’s half decent, but have always been left disappointed. The stores are dirty. The games are poorly maintained, if at all. There’s always heaps of games out of order. They hardly ever invest in new equipment. They try to prop up their old machines with flashy looking promotions, but at the end of the day their stores just don’t deliver.

    They’re pretty much regarded as a joke by other operators in the industry.

    I think if you saw the breakdown of the profit you’d find the rest of the business is propping Intencity up.

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