Castle Crashers The Arcade Game to be at PAX

While scrolling fighters have all but disappeared in the arcade industry in recent years (with a few notable exceptions such as Oriental Legend 2, Justice League or Dynamite Deka EX), the genre has been getting some love on home consoles, primarily through download services such as Xbox Live Arcade. One of the better brawlers would have to be a title called Castle Crashers, by The Behemoth. I’ve played the game a few times and often thought that it would make the perfect arcade title (right next to a four player super wide screen Geometry Wars) and apparently the developers have thought the same thing. What better way to capture people’s attention than with a bonafide arcade cabinet?

Early mock-up of the Castle Crashers Arcade cabinet

At the Penny Arcade Expo (or PAX) that is taking place next month, attendees will get a chance to play the first and only Castle Crashers arcade cabinet at the Behemoth booth(#3102). It looks like they are taking the approach that Oriental Legend 2 or Darius Burst Another Chronicle uses for four players, with two arcade cabinets and two screens setup side-by-side to create an even larger field of play. Whether there is any chance at all that they would consider giving this a full arcade release isn’t stated but I believe that support for such a thing would be there(perhaps we all need to let Behemoth know). I imagine that it wouldn’t be hard for a high-profile game like Castle Crashers to be picked up by one of the arcade manufacturers out there so those of us with arcades could enjoy having a 2D scrolling fighter to offer again, if Behemoth really wanted to pursue such a thing.

Via Kotaku

Source: The Behemoth Development Blog

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One Comment on “Castle Crashers The Arcade Game to be at PAX”

  1. igo Says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished product. Castle crashers is a great game!

    Full arcade release please!

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