Terminator Salvation 32″ cabinet

It’s been a few weeks since we first heard about the new Terminator Salvation arcade cabinet that has a smaller 32″ screen and mounted guns but except for a quick look on the AAMA Gala video, we didn’t have a really good look at the cabinet until today. Beston has issued a press release showing a 3D mock-up of the cabinet, which you can see above. It looks much like the Aliens Extermination Deluxe cabinet, which isn’t terribly surprising considering that Play Mechanix developed that game as well. The MSRP wasn’t mentioned but I imagine that it will be somewhere under $7000, with a price and a cabinet size that makes it fit well in smaller locations.

We also were sent pics of the 32″ H2Overdrive unit (which we saw at Amusement Expo) and a clean pic of Super Bikes 2

This has been available since March. Initially the price was only a few hundred less than a 42″ version which didn’t make it as appealing but I think it has been adjusted further since then.

Super Bikes 2

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3 Comments on “Terminator Salvation 32″ cabinet”

  1. Neil Brimelow Says:

    While I’m happy SOMEONE is still making arcade games, I am disheartened by mostly all of the arcade game releases in the past few years.

    I played these three games and on each one I felt that I was stepping back in time almost TEN YEARS.

    The Terminator Salvation game I was playing was next to a “House of the Dead II” game and my friends and I were hard pressed to find much difference in the 1998 game and the 2010 Terminator game aside from slightly better textures.

    I also thought back how much fun the “Terminator 2” arcade game was; you could blow up just about everything in that game.

    The thing is I can deal with lesser graphics if the physics and interactivity are good, something that mostly ALL arcade games released in the past 10 years lack.

    It’s 2010, soon to be 2011 and the graphics for all arcade games should be significantly superior to what’s available at home. Not just the graphics, but the physics and interactivity.

    I also played the newish “Rambo” for the first time and was taken aback at how primitive the graphics and game play were. Sure, yeah, I understand, It’s RAMBO, but I expected more cool things out a 2010 Rambo arcade game. I then looked up the price and was STUNNED that the deluxe version of Rambo costs nearly $17 GRAND! Really, Sega? You’re telling me it’s more expensive to make than a brand new car? lol.

    • Shaggy Says:

      I assume you’re being facetious in saying that the game looks slightly better than HOTD2. But if not I’m a little baffled. There’s more geometric detail in one Terminator model than you’d get out of all the zombies HOTD2 could display on the screen at once, let alone texture quality, lighting effects, particle effects, screen resolution, etc. I’ve yet to see someone walking by my Terminator say “Pfft, looks like a game from the 90’s” and I don’t see how that comparison can be drawn.

      It’s a shame that almost no one has put their Terminator online – right now it’s me, Scandia (California), Unit 8 (London) and Grimjaw’s Den (Illinois). With a few thousand Terminator’s out there, there should be more than four that are online.

      As for the game itself, I agree that it would be nice to have even more to blow up – for me one of the best examples of environmental destructibility is Crisis Zone which is about ten years old, but the setting for that is in pristine environments, not post-apocalyptica so it makes a little more sense. There are plenty of things blowing up, getting smashed and whatnot in TS if you look – there are a couple of instances where you’ll get greater havoc if you manage to take one of the Terminator flying craft down as they will crash into a building and cause debris to go everywhere; fighting the bosses will result in damage to the surroundings as long as you hit your targets right or the game makes you destroy surrounding buildings to take down the boss. I think Mission 2 has a lot more physical destruction available than 1, not sure if you played that or not. Sure there is more that could be added – they are using an Nvidia 9800GT which has PhysX built-into it and they could add destructible cloth and papers which float around in the street with the breeze, not that that will change the game just enhance the environments. They should add objects which can be destroyed to get power-ups or items to add to your score, whether it’s crates, broken down cars, canisters, etc.

      I do agree about the pricing on Rambo; that’s why they did the 42″ version for about the price of a Terminator. Unfortunately for Sega RT now has the 100″ Terminator for the same price as a Rambo DLX.

      • arcades4ever Says:

        to me terminator looks and plays way more impressive than sega’s rambo. I thought rambo was ok but certainly not one of the greatest gun games especially due to the slow down. terminator not only ran smoothly at 60 frames but was able to display so many enimies all on on screen at once.

        I don’t know why but both razing storm and rambo run slower than lets go jungle and dead storm pirates with the only difference is that 2 games use light guns and the other mounted guns. but sega’s house of the dead 4 rns smooth too and thats a light gun game.

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