Do you want to see Darius Burst Another Chronicle outside of Japan? Tell Taito!

The announcement of the new Darius arcade in Japan has caused quite a stir and while at the moment the game has only been announced for a Japanese release, Taito has been quiet on the international possibilities. So I decided to send them an e-mail, using an address that Taito had shared sometime ago on their Twitter account for contacting them about the company’s international products. Today, I received a response, a small part of which I’ll share here(the other parts covers the game’s stats which we’ve seen):

Re international release, this is still under discussion, and definitely the comment/trackback on your web site will help us to make a final decision!):

Be an Arcade Hero!  If you want to see the new Darius get a better chance outside of Japan, then respectfully let Taito know your feelings about it. They can be contacted at this address(change the AT to @): Put “Darius Burst Another Chronicle International Release” in the subject line, mention that you saw this on Arcade Heroes and tell them why you want to play DBAC in an arcade near you.   You can also contact Taito on their Twitter channel, they are quite friendly and receptive via this source too so it can’t hurt:

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3 Comments on “Do you want to see Darius Burst Another Chronicle outside of Japan? Tell Taito!”

  1. Dave_K. Says:

    Email sent, and retweeted. Great work on getting the news out. Fingers crossed for an international release.

  2. ECM Says:

    As you know, I already hassled them about this–hopefully it does some good.

  3. […] They get into more details about the seat, how the game controls, and how the different modes work. Don’t forget to tell Taito to consider an international release, if you haven’t […]

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