Darius Burst Another Chronicle location test reports

The waiting line for Darius Burst Another Chronicle's 1st loctest (by AM-Net)

Taito began the first public test of the new Darius Burst Another Chronicle in Akihabara yesterday and already the test is considered a great success. Between 140-200 showed up early to get a chance to play the new game for 200 yen each. There are a couple of location test reports on the web, one from Small Room Aries and a more detailed report from Game Watch. It sounds like it’s similar in many ways to Darius Burst on the PSP but with a number of improvements; enhanced graphics, a new craft to pick called Formula, new sound effects, changes in the stage configurations and how enemies attack, the ability to change the direction of your ship, and there will be a new Chronicle mode which was not available to play for this test. Small Room Aries mentions that it can be a little hard to grasp where your ship is at when there are four players on the screen which is something I have wondered about but hopefully Taito will be able to fine-tune that so it won’t be a problem in the final release.

Game Watch also has a number of new direct screenshots to drool over.

Source: AM-Net.jp

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4 Comments on “Darius Burst Another Chronicle location test reports”

  1. ECM Says:

    This would probably be premature, but I guess there’s not a peep about an International release?

    • Shaggy Says:

      Not yet but I am trying to find out directly from Taito. 😦 I guess if enough people bug Taito on their Twitter account it’s one way to get them to think about it. They have to know that there is a solid Darius fanbase in the US to warrant a release, even a limited one.

      I’ve already received a call at my arcade where someone wants to see me get the game. I would love to give it a try but I’m afraid that it will be outside of my price range.

  2. editor Says:

    Pressure is building for Taito to give a international ruling on this – especially as they have Elevator Action on International test. Wait till JAMMA for confirmation.

  3. Arcades4ever Says:

    I hope taito gives it an international release as it’s something different compared to just getting racers and shooters (guns that is) and since that the original made an international release then I think this one should come out too. If they’ve release chase sequel and elevator action possibly then they should realise Darius

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