More footage of Raw Thrills' Super Bikes 2

Today is just brewing with arcade news to talk about! BMIGaming has posted a longer clip of their footage taken from the recent AAMA Gala and this time it’s from the new Super Bikes 2 by Raw Thrills. This shows that the game has 9 tracks and 12 bikes to choose from and it shows the locations you can race in (including a place from my home state, Moab, Utah).Perhaps the most unique track shown is a space level, where you travel from one planet in the solar system to another and it looks really good, especially the part where you ride through Saturn’s rings. Perhaps Raw Thrills should consider a Starfox-esque space shooter for their next game 😛

Here’s a direct link for HD goodness.

[Raw Thrills’ Website]

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6 Comments on “More footage of Raw Thrills' Super Bikes 2”

  1. Ronadl Says:

    Wow. Vidoe games have come a very long way lately!


  2. twinturbo2 Says:

    There was a moment where the scoreboard showed Switzerland. Hopefully, this means the tracks from the original game are back.

  3. Molloy Says:

    The first Super Bikes wasn’t the most polished game in the world but it had a certain something appealing about it. The problem with the Japanese bike games like Nirin is they have more attractive graphic design and visuals but they’re bloody boring. That said, I haven’t played Sega’s last Harley Davidson game (where is it? Seemed to have sank without a trace!)

    Mad Thrills still don’t seem to have a handle on making their games beautiful but they know how to provide something immediate, fast and busy which makes their games stand out from what’s available in the console market. The fact none of their games get ported anymore is also a big draw.

  4. DaFonz Says:

    Apart from new tracks and bikes how is this game different from the original super bikes? What I am referring to is game play. Is it any different from the original?

  5. twinturbo2 Says:

    Quickie update: RT confirmed via a question on their Facebook page that the tracks from Super Bikes 1 will be included in the sequel.

  6. Liro Says:

    I guess that’s what they did with the excess speakers from the unsold DDR X cabinets :U

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