Video: Pac-Man Battle Royale production version

After that burst of news we had earlier this week, suddenly things dried up. So that makes it a perfect time to embed some videos. BMI Gaming, who captured footage of several new games from the AAMA Gala, also recorded the production version of Namco’s Pac-Man Battle Royale. The game is supposed to be released next month but with production models already showing up who knows if we could see it slightly earlier than that.

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5 Comments on “Video: Pac-Man Battle Royale production version”

  1. AndyDandy Says:

    I was more curios about hearing the real game sounds instead of that BGM …

  2. Sam Says:

    The unit shown at the AAMA Gala is still labeled as a prototype unit. I really don’t see the final production version being much different from the one shown except for a few minor cosmetic changes.

  3. Jordan/Jbean Says:

    Price point?

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