We Dancing Online making waves in China & Taiwan as IGS preps We Dancing Online 2

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It was only in May that we covered We Dancing Online by IGS and we saw that the game had a huge following at GTI 2010. Since then a national competition was held for the game in China and they already have a We Dancing Online 2 ready to go (pictured above). As you can see from the pictures by going those posted links, the game draws in pretty large crowds. If you are unfamiliar with WDO, it’s like DDR but for the hands with four directional buttons to use. Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report has some questions he would like to throw out into the ether about the game and it not getting attention outside of China or Taiwan:

Industry Question – Why is no one thinking about making “We Dancing Online”?
– Would it be too difficult to translate… no
– Would it be too difficult to license… no
– Would it be too difficult to play… no

But for a US amusement distributor who is looking for a safe life it is too difficult to understand!

It also isn’t the price as the game was recently listed on a Wahlap pricing list at $4800 which puts the game far below any other music game I know of. There shouldn’t be any fear of an ASCAP reprisal either – that is something that has only affected games using music from American bands, with something like Guitar Hero. For example, DJ Max Technika is completely safe from the ASCAP problem because of the music used.  Obviously the name recognition for WDO outside of China and Taiwan is near zero so it wouldn’t draw such crowds anywhere else but if the game is really that good (and inexpensive) then it shouldn’t take long for it to start making fans.

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3 Comments on “We Dancing Online making waves in China & Taiwan as IGS preps We Dancing Online 2”

  1. PopnMusic Says:

    I think you don’t see this game in the U.S. because the market is already saturated with this type of music game. Seriously, does the industry really need another music game that does more of the same?

    • Shaggy Says:

      That might depend upon the online features and like I said, the price. Sure, every music game shares similarities – they just find different ways of making you hit the right note on time – but their music selection also matters to a lot of people. But with so many “me toos” out there, seeing a new one at a sub $5000 price tag is refreshing, considering the fact that the new DDRs, Pump It Ups and DJ Max Technika are all about $10k. I’m also curious to know how the online features make this stand out. Sure, US arcades basically shun online stuff but I personally embrace it at my own arcade.

  2. editor Says:

    Yes – it is that online element that makes it stand out. Based on the same principle as ‘Audition’. There is always room for this type of popular music format – especially now the vacuum of Guitar Hero grows.

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