More arcade goodness coming to Brandenton, FL with Saturn 5

Mr. Russo at his arcade (via The Herald Tribune)

Newsfeed 874 via

The Herald Tribune has the story on an operator in the area of Bradenton, FL who has made it his objective to expand his business into a family entertainment center which will be called Saturn 5. He has been running other amusement related businesses in the area, one of which is an arcade that he has kept going despite running it at a loss for the past three-and-a-half years, known as Fun-and-Games (sounds like they should have been a part of Stride’s campaign to Save the Arcades). He also owns a distribution company, known as Apollo Amusements. The Saturn 5 facility, which will have 20,000 sq. ft. of space and will feature a space-theme that follows the Apollo missions, will expand beyond video arcades to include activities like miniature golf, pool, video poker, an inflatable obstacle course and party rooms. The facility should be fully operational soon and we wish them the best of luck in making the business a success.

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One Comment on “More arcade goodness coming to Brandenton, FL with Saturn 5”

  1. Japhei Says:

    This man is a man of low integrity. He sells his games at auctions and shill bids them up whenever he can. He buys out entire arcade and amusement business’s and spams his auctions on our local craigslist. He is a doucher of the highest honor and apollo amusements is a shit company. I hate all the local arcade dealers here in FL. Craptastic games with shit owners and operators. Only Tampa Lanes in tampa is a decent arcade.

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