Konami releases Dance Dance Revolution X2 in Japan; begins testing new Pop N' Music Tune Street tomorrow

DDRX2 - it's bling-erific!

It’s another great day for Bemani fans as Konami Japan keeps rolling out new games. First the latest DDR title, DDRX2 was released in Japan today. In addition to new modes of play, new songs it also uses new online features, including the PASELI online payment system. We haven’t heard any indications as to whether this will get an international release but assuming that they avoid the same hardware issues that plagued DDRX, then I would say that it’s only a matter of time.More details on DDRX2 can be found at the following links: [DDRX2 official site] [Brief game overview @ Dengeki Online] [Player reaction on BemaniStyle]

Also in Konami’s Bemani news they have announced another Pop N’ Music game for arcades, this one called Pop N’ Music Tune Street, which goes on location test in Japan tomorrow. Other than that details are scant although as you can see from the image here, it looks like they are really takig the cute route with it. [Official page for Pop N’ Music Tune Street]

Also since we’re on the bemani subject, Konami’s newest addition to the Bemani family, Reflec Beat will be released in Japan this October.

Most links via AM.Net.jp

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