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In case anyone was wondering how Super Street Fighter IV came to be considered for an arcade release, Kotaku has a few minor details on that. It’s nothing mind blowing so I’m not really sure if this warrants a post all by itself but plenty of people are interested in the game and it’s nice to read about how the game’s producer was lobbying for an arcade release. Kotaku is wrong about that being the first picture of SSFIV running on an arcade cabinet, we already saw one almost a month ago, making the picture above the second known pic (not that it really matters). Unfortunately Capcom still seems to think that one player per cabinet on a game already released on consoles is a brilliant idea suitable to the thousands of locations they are targeting.  Not that it can’t be done, arcades still sell in the thousands of units but I have my doubts on this setup judging by what took place the first time around. It might look cool to have two or four machines running the game but I still contest that they are limiting their potential sales by pursuing the idea.

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One Comment on “SSFIV news for the day”

  1. editor Says:

    Its nice to see Kotaku admit there is a amusement release event though Capcom US still claims there is no version planned.

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