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Incredible Technologies reveals Golden Tee 2011

July 1, 2010

If there is anything you can be absolutely sure of in the arcade industry, it’s that a new Golden Tee will make it’s way to the market near the end of each year. Incredible Technologies has unveiled the first shots of the next installment of the series, Golden Tee 2011. At the moment they aren’t talking about new features that will be added to the game but we can safely assume that it will continue to make use of an internet connection, as well as adding new courses, equipment and clothes.

Since all they are showing right now are some shots of course then all we can comment on are appearances. These are beta shots so the final version will look different but if there is anything that they do add graphically I hope they turn on anti-aliasing as in all of the screens shown the jagged edges stand out. Of course what would really be nice is to see the game move on to a level one would expect to see on a modern graphics engine such as Crytek or Unreal 3. Not that such a thing will probably happen as there are licensing costs involved with such engines and the costs behind HD artwork for such engines is high but it still would look much nicer.

There are a few more details on the Golden Tee Blog

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TRON Legacy viral campaign continues the arcade love with new Encom Arcade Postcards

July 1, 2010

There is one movie coming out this year which is giving arcades plenty of attention and that is TRON Legacy. While it has been a little while since the last bit of viral marketing took place (with a live event unveiling Space Paranoids Online), a part of the campaign has taken place with a few lucky people getting their hands on these Encom Arcade postcards. I like the element that should be on all arcade flyers or posters  – “Now playing at your local arcade”. All of the postcards include some special codes on the back which are supposed to reveal something that is part of the campaign but I have not read about anyone cracking this particular code quite yet.

These games are all part of the TRON universe of course – in reality no such games exist but as this viral campaign continues I find myself with the continual hope that some sort of real arcade project comes out of it. I know it’s unlikely but you never know. In fact I have been designing a few TRON related arcade games and cabinets, just doodling out some thoughts in my little spare time that I plan on making a post out of here soon, looking at the kind of modern arcade games they could do using the TRON universe.

As for the fake games you see above, what real games do you think they best compare to? Astro Gunner and KrazBot look like clones of Asteroids and Tempest respectively. Not sure about Arc Wars and Vice Squad reminds me of Atari’s Cops N’ Robbers, A.P.B. and Midway’s Spy Hunter. Maybe they will be creating online versions of these titles as well, assuming that Space Paranoids Online has done well.

We should be hearing a lot more about TRON Legacy at Comic-Con next month.

UPDATE: I received a Kraz-Bot card in the mail yesterday, obviously if you got one of those Encom badges or have signed up on Flynn Lives with a mailing address then you should be getting one around now.


Hopping Road Kids gets a release in Japan

July 1, 2010

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At AOU 2010 in February, Taito revealed a 4-player light-gun shooter and a new version of their game Hopping Road called Hopping Road Kids. Hopping Road itself is an original arcade title that has players taking part in pogo-stick racing in a cartoony, cutesy world. Despite it’s appearance (if you’re turned off by cute) it looks like a fun game, there’s nothing quite like it in arcades right now, and it even gives a player a small workout so it’s appealing to fans of games that require physical activity. The downside to any game requiring such activity though is the potential for it to break down so I’d be curious to know how these have fared in the field so far. The first video below shows some footage from the Japanese version of the game but before you write this off as another crazy title no one will see outside of Japan, think again. Hopping Road is available in both Europe and the US, although I do not know of any US locations which have picked it up yet. You can see the English version in the second video below, filmed at the Trocadero in London. Taito also has a page for HR on their English website.

Anyways to get back on track, Taito has announced that the Kids version is now available in Japan, which you can see here. While they have not yet indicated when they will be releasing this internationally, I think it would be an even easier sell to operators since the game already appeals more to kids than adults and with plenty of locations out there already catering to kids with ticket redemption, this offers a nice video-only alternative (although some operators would certainly prefer a redemption version of this). Assuming the kids version also comes with a smaller price tag, that can certainly improve it’s chances.Hopping Road Kids can be linked up to a standard version for four player pogo races between kids and adults

Japanese Demo from the standard version of the game

Footage of the English version at the Trocadero