Mutant Alert: Interactive theater game for 16-players

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When it comes to grabbing some attention in the out-of-home-entertainment industry, one way to do it is use the “Galaxian 3” model. While such large-format games only work in certain locations, they do prove to be top-earners, providing a fun and unique experience to players. Galaxian 3 itself is a bit old now but we have seen a few setups in recent times that follow a similar format, such as Trans-Force, which is produced by a Russian company of the same name. We also have had Sega’s Special theater series of games that they developed for games like House of the Dead 4 and Let’s Go Jungle.  Today’s “interactive theater” game comes from China called Mutant Alert. Developed by Zhongshan Golden Horse Amusement Co. Ltd., they state:

“Mutant Alert is our latest developed multi-person interactive shooting game. With its extra-size screen, high definition picture, as well as 16 two-dimension moving seats and real time interaction, the game offers multisensory excitement for players. Mutant Alert brings you not only the excitement of common shooting games, but also the interactive factor of dynamic cinema, leading you to the magic world of virtual reality.”

The webpage where the game is listed also mentions pneumatic systems in use, likely in the seats, and some sort of air blowing system like we saw in Sega’s House of the Dead 4 Special game where it blew air on to players to simulate zombie breath.

More details on the Golden Horse Amusements website.

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One Comment on “Mutant Alert: Interactive theater game for 16-players”

  1. neil brimelow Says:

    Pneumatic seat? Blowing systems? Cha-Ching!

    I’d personally like to see something similar, but lose the expensive ships/chairs and have a squad based live action shooter.

    You would have a Heavy Weapon’s gunner, infantry, and close combat specialists (with fancy ninja swords) 🙂

    I most certainly think the future is in freedom of motion, not the restriction of motion.

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