Powersurge – an "arcade" in LA without any actual arcades

(Thanks to Andy for the tip!)

I have to apologize for missing this one, it was sent to me back on May 13th but I completely had overlooked it until now. In Los Angeles there is a business called PowerSurge – Video Fun and Fitness which sort of works like an arcade – you play games outside of home there – but it doesn’t have any arcade machines in sight. Instead, it’s all about console games, where customers pay for time on one of 38 screens, setup in a gallery-like setting. Customers can pick from games on either the Wii or Xbox 360 and to help set the place apart they have an 82″ or 154″ screen to play on. Looks like an interesting idea and the interior design looks sleek but I would still like to see some proper arcade machines in there.

You can visit the PowerSurge’s site here.

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6 Comments on “Powersurge – an "arcade" in LA without any actual arcades”

  1. ECM Says:

    This is an interesting idea: set it up like a bowling alley where, instead of shoes, they toss you game controllers.

    And instead of burly (read: fat) dudes choking down Bud, you have hipster (read: effeminate) dudes choking down martinis.

    Come to think of it, I don’t know which scenario I’d less like to be a part of…

    • Shaggy Says:

      the guy who sent me the link mentioned that the place was completely dead when he dropped by. Not a place I would go to myself as playing console games is something I only really do at home (on occasion).

      To build onto your point, why not combine both this and a bowling alley? I’m sure they have Wii Sports on the big screen anyways so both types of players can sit together in harmony. 😀

    • Shaggy Says:

      I guess I should also add that I shouldn’t have used the word interesting, I do that too often and it’s too easy a cop out. Interesting in the sense that I hadn’t seen this before but not something I necessarily consider a good idea. I don’t care for places that offer console games to play.

      • Phil Arrington Says:

        I actually been to the place. Its at the Bridge. The place makes most of their money, like the indoor golf, on the weekends.

  2. Samuel Says:

    whats the point of going to a place to play a game when you can go rent it, play it for a longer period of time or own the game yourself?

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