Rock Band Live goes to Kings Island

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If you have plans to go to Kings Island Amusement Park in Ohio this summer then they have a new amusement attraction there to cater to rock music fans as well as game players. Rock Band Live takes the home game concept to a simulator level that is sure to show up in many other venues beyond Kings Island who are looking to offer a unique interactive experience in their park. Here is a video of the setup below.

Speaking of Rock Band in an amusement setting, one of the surprising things I came across while checking out some arcades in Brazil was an arcade version of the game. It wasn’t legal of course and did not feature the drums but it was in an arcade cabinet. I did capture some video of it while walking around a place but they made me stop filming so I have been debating as to whether I should upload it or not. I’m guessing they asked me not to as they had a couple of games like that – Rock Band Arcade, Guitar Hero III arcade and Street Fighter IV with a two-players-on-one-cabinet setup which was probably running a console version. Of course Rock Band Live is being done legally (although I do wonder if there will be any ASCAP trouble here or if that has been taken care of already) and it’s setup as a simulator/show and not an arcade game.

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3 Comments on “Rock Band Live goes to Kings Island”

  1. IcePagoda Says:

    Saw this the other day… very cheesy, but the kids were enjoying it. At least the rest of the park made up for having to sit through this.

  2. Tara Says:

    Rock band live was one of the best shows I have ever seen! It was not only entertaining for my husband and I, but it also kept the kids happy. I really hope to see then back some day…

  3. Tara Says:

    Morgan and Kailey say Hi!

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