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Catching up a little more

June 3, 2010

It’s still a couple more days before I will be home but I figure it’s better to still play catch up now where I have a chance. Thanks to The Stinger Report for the links, with the connection I have available it’s much more difficult to scour the net for news like I normally do. So I’ll make this post like the previous one, with a collection of links and a small comment next to each

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Capcom looking for arcade slogans on Super Street Fighter IV – Despite how Capcom has been handling their arcade titles as of late I give them props for still looking to include fan input on some level. Whoever has their slogan picked gets their name in the credits of the upcoming arcade release – let’s still hope that the slogan isn’t the only new addition SSFIVArc will get.

New arcade opens in Las Vegas – Gemini Arcade ( – an arcade opens in Las Vegas which focuses primarily on rhythm gaming, making it a Bemani gamers paradise. They even have two Taiko No Tatsujin machines, which are quite rare in the US. From the article, it sounds like the management is on the right track, taking extra care to listen to customer concerns and not worrying about good players showing up to draw a crowd.

Netbook turned into an “arcade machine” ( – sort of, it’s yet another example of a MAME project so it doesn’t really excite me but so far seeing netbooks used for this particular purpose isn’t terribly common yet from what I have seen. There’s even a video of it for those interested

Sega Launches a new site for the Sega Card Gen arcade – We first saw the Sega Card Gen MLB machine in the US some time ago but after it’s one showing at AMOA and a location test at a Gameworks, it has since disappeared in the States, not showing up at the two latest shows. The game has appeared in Japan where it apparently was much more popular as Sega has launched a new site for it in Japanese. So at least it’s on track for a release there. It looks like it could be a great game, with an original concept so it will be a shame if it wasn’t able to garner enough attention for a release in the US.

PS3 slim in a crane machine ( –  Is it wrong for me to not really care about the prize in the machine and care more about huge crane games like this?

UPDATE: I apologize for missing out on some tips, such as Google mentioning Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary. I was sent a link by Juan about this Gamasutra blog post discussing how arcades can make a comeback but I do have a problem with the article operating off an assumption that no arcades exist anywhere anymore. I think arcades have been sort of operating off of this kind of idea for a long time now, the problem is marketing (obviously, where so many still believe the market completely dead). When you have an arcade exclusive game on site, it can be a real plus primarily due to the fact that you have to go to the arcade to play it. That’s why at my own arcade, I have little signs on every arcade exclusive game, so that players better realize that idea. Still, we have to market better as an industry at large and dispel the myth that we as arcades don’t exist.

Golden Tee Players to Raise $100,000USD for US veterans – this came a press release, which I will paste after the break so you can get the full rundown. There are some images too but I’ll have to forgo those at the moment. The events will be held in August, with players being able to donate via Twitter and Facebook.