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Yes I am still alive

June 1, 2010

Just a quick update here. For the past two and a half weeks my access to the internet has been extremely limited, which is why the site hasn´t been updated as normal. This is because I´m not anywhere near where I usually am but no need to get into details at the moment. That will change before too long but I figure that it is good to put something out there as I have this brief opportunity. I have seen some interesting arcade related things where I am at, including some unofficial Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3 arcade machines, a 2 player-on-1-cabinet Street Fighter IV arcade setup and more. I got some video of that but I won´t be able to put that online until next week. I will try to get another update on here if I can, as Kevin Williams has continued to send links and I am sure that others have sent news too. Sorry about the delay and thanks for everyone´s patience!