Pics from the show floor of DEAL 2010

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While most of the attention towards expos has been going towards GTI lately, there was another expo that took place recently in Dubai that involved amusement products and that was the Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure show or DEAL 2010 for short. Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report had the opportunity to go there and check everything out, so let’s take a look.

They always start these events off with a ribbon cutting ceremony. I sort of saw the one that took place at Amusement Expo but I was too busy checking out the new Pac-Man game to worry about it.

The first product we get to discuss is Star Predator by Golden Dragon Amusements in China. We’ve discussed this one before, it’s one of the first stereoscopic 3D arcade titles to make it to market since 3D became a big trend once again (as always a reminder how this sort of 3D has been done in arcades in the 80’s). You need to wear glasses to get the effect and they are attached the cabinet with a not-so-strong-looking cord.

“I’d hit that!” well, with a fake hammer anyways…

Butterfly Dancing was at GTI as well. At least from this shot the cabinet and graphics look nice, I wonder if that’s just an in-game video though. The real question is, how fun can a game based on catching butterflies actually be?

Tecway’s Super Hot Skiing was there. Burn, baby burn.

Tecway’s Pop Moto. While I’m not sure how the game plays(looks like a Nirin clone from what I’ve seen), at least the cabinet looks cool

Here’s another interesting one by Tecway called Speed Flyer. The name isn’t very inspiring but it looks like a racer with a balance board.

Happy Balance Ball was there too, Tecway’s answer to Sega’s Super Monkey Ball

Simuline had their boat racing game there, Aqua Race Extreme. I saw this at IAAPA but didn’t get a chance to try it out (or record it). It’s more like InJoy’s Power Boat racing game than H2Overdrive.

The gigantic turret game Vulcan-M by Rassen. It will be difficult to top this one when it comes to the level of detail they put into the gun.

Sega’s booth looked similar to what we saw at Amusement Expo or IAAPA but with four linked Hummer’s there instead of two.

A big Stacker machine by Sega (?) LAI Games called Mega Stacker

Terminator Salvation in a group of four.

IGS’s Speed Rider where you can ride, riding like the demon that drives your dreams. This reminds me, with all these motorcycle games coming back into style, isn’t it time we had a Road Rash-esque kind of game make a comeback?

Marubot Football League is really making the rounds around the world, they were at DEAL too

TrioTech’s ‘money printing machine’ known as XD Theater is always a popular attraction no matter what show it’s at

We’ll end with the after show banquet to leave you hungry.

Kevin has a bunch of pictures from Sega Republic but we will save those for a story he’s writing about his visit there.

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7 Comments on “Pics from the show floor of DEAL 2010”

  1. bacon Says:

    i am sad by the lack of music games

    • arcades4ever Says:

      I would like more original music games to come out too, music games are king when it comes to arcade games such as DDR and guitar hero. there is beat mania but I don’t think thats as popular and nor is ubeat which I would love to give a go and otheres.

  2. arcades4ever Says:

    with nindendo’s 3DS coming out sometime next year surely arcades should be using screens that don’t reqire 3D glasses anymore not to mention 3D television sets are becoming available soon. I think that if a house of the dead 5 is indeed being made I would be surprise if sega used a 3D screen like they did with a THOTD 4 but with a not as much HD screen.

  3. Shaggy Says:

    I actually have seen a picture of Disney’s 3D Ping Pong being used without glasses. I’ll find a post to put it in soon

  4. Brian Says:

    I think that says Mega Stacker, not Sega Stacker. Looks huge though.
    Thanks for the pics

  5. editor Says:

    ‘mega stacker’ is a special LAI project.

  6. […] Korean-based game maker Yoony Electronic’s amazed us with their massive Vulcan-M chain-gun coin-op game and they already have a sequel of sorts ready to go for the arcade market. Vulcan 4D retains the head-turning aspect of a rotating chain-gun for the controller but they’ve downgraded it from it’s smoke-spewing, shell ejecting big brother. As indicated by the name, Vulcan 4D makes use of a 3D pop-out effect that the player needs 3D glasses for, although you can’t see the 3D blur in the video below. I noticed the same thing when seeing pictures of another 3D projection game called Star Predator. […]

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