The wayback machine videos for today are…

It’s Sunday so in lieu of news, we have videos to point out. I’m not sure why it seems like we’re getting a lot of videos of arcades from the early 80’s showing up all of the sudden but I welcome it as it offers a deeper glimpse into that great Golden Age of games. Today we have a few videos from youtube user Atarigames1. He has a lot of old footage that he has begun to upload, including this look at an arcade in Mt. View California and some kids hanging out around some machines at a 7-11 in 1981. I remember when all 7-11’s in my area had at least two games, then one day they dumped them in favor of ATM machines.The third video shows the assembly line for San Fransico Rush.

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2 Comments on “The wayback machine videos for today are…”

  1. BDD Says:

    Those videos were posted by Scott Evans, who runs There are LOTS of videos, documents, and pictures on his site. Check it out!

    • Shaggy Says:

      Yeah, I actually check that site occasionally, we’ve even done a few other posts about content on that site before although it’s been a while.

      I will buy one of those Centipede shirts eventually.

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