World’s Fastest Drummer Arcade as seen at Game Galaxy Arcade

A short time ago we covered a new independent arcade title that was going to be testing at the Game Galaxy Arcade in Nashville, TN and now we have a video of the game in action. At first it shows the cabinet under construction (they used an old Liberator or maybe Asteroids Deluxe cabinet as the primary housing), then for a few minutes it shows the other games seen at the arcade there and then it gets into the game itself.

I imagine that it will depend on how well this tests to see whether the game will get a wider release. The manufacturing side of arcades is perhaps the greatest challenge for indie devs looking to jump into the industry so hopefully they find a way to overcome that obstacle.

[World’s Fastest Drummer Website] [Game Galaxy Arcade site]

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One Comment on “World’s Fastest Drummer Arcade as seen at Game Galaxy Arcade”

  1. actually it was an old Shinobi cabinet 🙂 Thanks for covering this story. We’re really excited about it.

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