A few more games out of China (which may or may not be at GTI Expo 2010)

With the Game Time International 2010 event underway in Taiwan right now, we were hoping to have a better idea of what is at the show. But details are sketchy so I took some time to look around and I found a site which lists a bunch of games associated with the GTI Global Network. There are a few new products on there we haven’t covered before so I figure that I’ll take the time to go over them in one post. These may or may not be at the current show, we will only know once we start getting more information.  So hit the break for a look.

Dore Game – Dragon Boat Racing

Here is something unique in the racing department for a change. Instead of having you race a boat this game has you beating a drum to keep the rowers who have to do the actual rowing to stay in rhythm to go fast enough. It’s based upon traditional Chinese dragon boat racing and while graphically it looks like a flash-based game, is features an attractive cabinet. More info here. Also because I was curious, I looked up dragon boat racing on Youtube and there are plenty of people who get into the actual sport today.

Railway Adventure

Here is another game from Dore that looks like they took a Flash game and housed it in a cabinet but this one has you simulating a railway cart that requires those pump handles that you’ve probably seen in old cartoons or movies. The faster you pump, the faster you go. There is gold and silver to collect throughout each course and you can jump by pressing down on a foot pedal. More info here.

Kingtronic CompanyCome On Baby 2

Apparently based upon an online game from South Korea where players have babies as avatars and they race in Mario Kart 64 style, the arcade sequel to the game keeps the baby avatars and throws a bunch of mini-games at you to play. The cabinet handles two players, with three huge buttons as the controllers (although in a video it shows standard joysticks on it too). It also features a 32″ LCD screen. More info here @ Kingtronic.

Lanhai Technology – Blue Vacation Water World

There are several “fishing” games there but everything I have seen looks like an exact clone even though the games are produced by different companies. They also offer coin payouts which puts them into the realm of gambling devices. Still, we have seen non-payout concepts of a similar fashion with games like UNIS’s Butterfly Garden at IAAPA so I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this is shown at a future show. I picked this one out of all the fishing games as it has four players. I put fishing in quotes as it’s more the kind of fishing you do at a pet store to pick goldfish than actual fishing, by grabbing the fish with a net. More info here.

Zhongshan Guang Yang Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. – DJ Master

I will have to relent to the music masters to tell me which game this is copying exactly as I know I have seen arcades featuring turntables before but I can’t remember which one it was. This also has foot pedals, not sure if that is part of something Konami has already done as well. More info here and here.

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2 Comments on “A few more games out of China (which may or may not be at GTI Expo 2010)”

  1. RJAY63 Says:

    I played the first Come On Baby game back in the early noughties. It wasn’t just racing; it full of mini-games like the upcoming sequel. Good fun, shame more arcades don’t bring in party games like these.

  2. ALEX Says:

    where to buy arcade games and simulation games with good price?
    If any please replay.

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